Top Ten Spongebob Sqarepants Season 2 Episodes

Are Ya Ready Kids? I was. Spongebob changed my life.

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1 Band Geeks

Best episode ever - ElSherlock

Best episode of Spongebob PERIOD, not just season 2

Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Squidward: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horse Radish is not an instrument either.

This SpongeBob episode has everything you could ask for in a typical SpongeBob episode. This episode has AMAZING comedy, it has drama and fighting, and it has an inspiring speech. This also holds some of the most greatest SpongeBob memes and lines of all times. A few are, "Is mayonaise an instrument? ", "Whoever's the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on,", and more.

2 Graveyard Shift

First, the lights will flicker on and off. Next - Dude can I have some ketchup? - Oh sure here you go. Next, the phone will ring, and there will be nobody there. And finally, the Hash Slinging Slasher will arrive in the GHOST of the BUS that ran him over.

This one is the best. Band Geeks is also amazing, but I like Sailor Mouth more (Band Geeks is #3, Sailor Mouth is #2, and Graveyard Shift is #1.)

I going to vote for this episode, at night, look I'm playing Minecraft! At night! Look I'm hanging out with SpongeBob! At night!

Same reason this is the best episode of all time its because of the hash slinging slasher

3 Frankendoodle

This episode has been spoiled by a new spongebob episode where spongebob and Patrick go into the doodle dimension. This will always be one of my favorite episodes ever.

We rejoin the artist in a creative slump

Best of the season - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

Patrick is the star, figuratively and literally. Plus doodlebob erasing SpongeBob's buttcrack is one of the best moments in SpongeBob history.

4 Shanghaied

Still my favorite until today. Everything is funny from the beginning of this episode.

Will we be getting business cards?

The only way out is through the... Perfume department

The ending of the episode was good. It had Squidward wishing he had never met SpongeBob and Patrick before in his life. His wish came true, and Him, Spongebob, and Patrick get eaten by the Flying Dutchman.
When they got eaten, the three are still introducing themselves to Squidward, which makes the episode funnier.

5 Something Smells

Patrick: Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.

SpongeBob: That didn’t help at all.

SpongeBob: Excuse me, sir, I hope my horrible ugliness won’t be a distraction to you.

Fred: Not at all, boy! DEUUEAUGH!

Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The End. Classic. :-)

"slicks hair back what finger" You've gotta be kidding me


And now, giant piles of bubblegum!

This is probably my favorite episode in SpongeBob itself. It's great.

6 Sailor Mouth

I remember as a kid, I thought animal sounds were bad words on spongebob

When I was younger I thought the dolphin noise was THE actual bad word not the censor lol

I CAN GUESS most of the cussing - SOUTHPARKFANHH

This is one of the best episodes ever. Why not higher? - Vic21102

7 Christmas Who?

This is the deifinition of a Christmas special. It has Patchy segments I genuinely enjoyed, an original story, (Which is hard to do when every show has a Christmas episode) a great moral to tecah kids, hilarious comedic moments, and a fantastic song!

Best Christmas special ever. I WATCHED THIS when I WAS 2!

I literally threw up because I was laughing so hard at patchy the pirate's scene.

The song makes this episode very good! - Datguyisweird666

8 I'm With Stupid

This episode would be more at home in Season 7. - KalloFox34

This episode is my guilty pleasure!

This was a great episode, but one of the lowest quality pre-movie ones. - Garythesnail

Why does everyone hate this episode?

Because Patrick and his "parents" torture SpongeBob and get away with it. - KalloFox34

9 Dying for Pie

I like how Squidward actually cared for Spongebob - DrayTopTens

You, me, and that wall you built beside use.

This is my #1 episode. Every joke hits bullseye and great touching moments with Squidward. I could say so much about this episode. - bdcool3

One of the darker episodes, yet very funny.

10 Wormy

This episode terrified me

The Contenders

11 The Secret Box

The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

Merry Christmas SpongeBob! ! ! Nice pic of you at the Christmas party


The inner-mechanisms of my mind are an enigma *Thinks of milk spilling on table*
Very random indeed! But also comedy gold!

12 The Fry Cook Games

MY NAME'S, NOT, RICK. That's a Spongebob moment that won't be forgotten anytime soon

Are you trying to move the ground? - FearTheWeird300

My names not Rick! - Connor360


13 Big Pink Loser

Should be number 1 in my opinion. The episode's so funny. This is a Patrick episode done right. Hear that, new writers? THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE PATRICK STAR AS A CHARACTER!


The best episode ever made

This is Patrick done good not a jerk

14 Welcome to the Chum Bucket

A stove is a stove, no matter where you go, a patty is a patty, that's what I feel, a grill is a grill, this is shorely so, and fries can be fries either way, but this grill is not a home, this is not the stove I know, I'd trade it all away, if you come back to stay, this grill is not the same without you, its just a greasy, just a greasy spoon, without you.

I love this episode cause Mr. Krabs proves he cares about more than money. He cares about SpongeBob as a friend, not a fry cook. Plus the hilarious SpongeBob and Plankton stuff. Overall a good episode.

The unearthed gem of season 2, this episode showed that Mr. Krabs ACTUALLY cares for SpongeBob in the amazing song,"This Grill is Not a Home". The episode also was very fun when SpongeBob ignored Plankton's orders. Overrall, this is my favorite Episode in general, not just in season two. - Lvl100weavile

15 Krusty Love
16 Bubble Buddy

This isn't the best episode I saw when I was a kid. But its cool. I grew up with this episode and I think its 1 of the episodes that aren't bad. But also aren't super good.

17 Life of Crime

i like it - PokemonRPGbro

You ate my only food! Now I'm gonna starve!

Who took my candy bar? - Connor360

This and the thing are my favorite spongebib episodes. - Account

18 Pressure

This should be at the top. Great jokes, especially from Squidward. "Do we have to wear pickle jars? "

Do we have to wear pickle jars?

Sandy's a girl - patrick

This is my third favorite sb epi ever and for good reason it's so funny - islandersfan91

19 Procrastination

My favorite episode ever! Favorite moment:
(Slow motion pencil going to paper)
Spongebob:I'm doing it! I'm doing it!
(Montage of Spongebob writing)
SB:And finished!
(Looks at paper, says THE in fancy writing)

20 Survival of the Idiots

Who you callin pinhead and which one of you is the real dirty dan are my favorite lines in this episode.

Who you callin' pinhead?

Who you callin pinhead - Gunner224

Why is this halariousvepisode so low

21 Grandma's Kisses

Wait... this is #21?! I don't know how I feel about that.

I disagree with all of you. This is the worst season 2 episode. Why? Because everybody is a jerk. And the ending was one of the worst endings among with the main drain. I don't understand. If people hate stuck in the wringer and gone( two episodes were people were being jerks to SB) than why do they like this? I will just never understand people.

I love the part where SpongeBob cries and floods Grandma's house.

OK, I know 13 is unlucky, but surley this is the best from season 2! Acutally it's my favourite ever! Marion Ross's acting is brilliant and the plot is great. Squidward is a jerk and SpongeBob really is the charchter he is in the show! Patrick vacooming the cookies was halirious!

22 Imitation Krabs



Uh, the part with the One Dollar you hate me came from The Algae is Always Green, not Imitation Krabs.

One Dollar you hate me. best of pearl

23 Jellyfish Hunter

It feels like somebody... WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING!
Salesman : I knew he was onto us - lemur

Remember this underrated classic. Hey all you people hey all you people won't you listen to me. Vote for this.

Funny and awesome. The first episode I've seen. Vote for this one.

24 Artist Unknown

This episode is awesome

Underrated gem. Not the best in season 2, but somebody had to vote for it.

great - Gunner224

Love it!

25 Squid on Strike

Squidward: Its pick it sign! Not pick it fence you ding dong! - lemur


Nyeh squidward nyeh squidward - lemur

SpongeBob, it's unfair, not fun fair! My second favorite line ever next to "The only way out is through the... PERFUME DEPARTMENT!

26 Squidville

This episode is so good, plot is so good etc.:
squidward gets tired of living between spongebob and patrick and he goes to squidville, there, he finally realises that everything gets boring and becomes spongebob of squidville
this episode learns that if everybody is ''normal'' then everything is boring and that there must exist ''weird'' people to make life interesting

What are you looking at? Those.

That was my favorite line of that episode.

My favourite part was when the T.V. fell on the ground and turned on by itself, Squidward briefly watched an ad about moving tentacle acres then Patrick getting instantly bored turns off the T.V. with the remote and says “I hate this channel.” That moment actually qualifies as a meme.

27 Squid's Day Off

I think this episode is ONE OF the funniest episodes of all time. spongebob’s oblivious believing that squidward really DID have manager business to do KILLS me

Have you finished those errands?

This in my opinion is actually one of the best episodes in season 2. Underrated. “Are you finished with those errands”

28 Your Shoe's Untied

The Starting Scene lmao

29 Dumped

This episode is so overhated. - KalloFox34

It's the absolute worst of the season! At least Gary takes a Bath was somewhat interesting! - IcetailofWishClan

30 Bossy Boots
31 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

It was an Alaskan Bull Worm!

SpongeBob; Sandy I saw it! It was Big, Scary, and Pink!
Sandy: So's Patricks belly button, but I ain't afraid of that neither.

Best lines ever!

32 No Free Rides

In my opinan this is the funnyiest episode in the show oh yeah by the way what I LEARNED IN BOATING SCHOOL IS!

I am still not letting go! Even for, EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION! OHHH NOOO - lemur


33 Patty Hype
34 Squirrel Jokes

No offense but I hated this episode it was torture for sandy and especially for spongebob at the end that inflation part scarred me for life!

Such an underrated episode!

35 Prehibernation Week

This is the funniest Spongebob episode of all time. I don't know what you're all talking about.

Best line

36 The Smoking Peanut


37 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III

That's not my wallet - lemur

38 Gary Takes a Bath


This episode was filled to the brim with good jokes and gags! And I love the relationship between SpongeBob and Gary! And who can forget the doubloons joke? RIght?

The subliminal message girl is scary

39 Can You Spare A Dime?

This is season 3

Pretty good episode actually and underrated.

This is season 3...

40 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

Hi kevin - Account

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