Top Ten Spongebob Sqarepants Season 2 Episodes


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21 Prehibernation Week
22 Artist Unknown

This episode is awesome

Underrated gem. Not the best in season 2, but somebody had to vote for it.

Love it!

23 Imitation Krabs

Uh, the part with the One Dollar you hate me came from The Algae is Always Green, not Imitation Krabs.

One Dollar you hate me. best of pearl

24 Grandma's Kisses

I disagree with all of you. This is the worst season 2 episode. Why? Because everybody is a jerk. And the ending was one of the worst endings among with the main drain. I don't understand. If people hate stuck in the wringer and gone( two episodes were people were being jerks to SB) than why do they like this? I will just never understand people.

I love the part where SpongeBob cries and floods Grandma's house.

OK, I know 13 is unlucky, but surley this is the best from season 2! Acutally it's my favourite ever! Marion Ross's acting is brilliant and the plot is great. Squidward is a jerk and SpongeBob really is the charchter he is in the show! Patrick vacooming the cookies was halirious!

25 Jellyfish Hunter

Remember this underrated classic. Hey all you people hey all you people won't you listen to me. Vote for this.

Funny and awesome. The first episode I've seen. Vote for this one.

26 Squid on Strike

SpongeBob, it's unfair, not fun fair! My second favorite line ever next to "The only way out is through the... PERFUME DEPARTMENT!

Love this episode

Come on guys! It's so funny. The picket signs and the flattened squidward was the best parts and it's my favorite!
11. Krusty Towers
10. The Camping Episode
9. Jellyfishing
8. Help Wanted
7. Krab Borg
6. Texas
5. Pizza Delivery
4. Chocolate With Nuts
3. Band Geeks
2. SB 129
1. Squid On Strike

27 Your Shoe's Untied
28 Squidville
29 Dumped
30 Patty Hype
31 Squid's Day Off

Have you finished those errands?

32 Squirrel Jokes

Such an underrated episode!

33 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

SpongeBob; Sandy I saw it! It was Big, Scary, and Pink!
Sandy: So's Patricks belly button, but I ain't afraid of that neither.

Best lines ever!

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34 The Smoking Peanut
35 No Free Rides
36 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic

Hi kevin - Account

37 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III
38 Gary Takes a Bath

This episode was filled to the brim with good jokes and gags! And I love the relationship between SpongeBob and Gary! And who can forget the doubloons joke? RIght?

The subliminal message girl is scary

39 Can You Spare A Dime?

Pretty good episode actually and underrated.

This is season 3

40 Bossy Boots
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