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1 Chocolate With Nuts Chocolate With Nuts

This episode reminds me of my childhood so much
Choclate sweet sweet chocolate, I always hated it!

This, The Camping Episode and The Krusty Krab Training Video defiantly had the best plot and the best jokes

This is a great episode. The part where patrick drops the Hershey kiss was one of the best parts. I wish SpongeBob was still like this. And everybody remember, Patrick LOVES you!

I love this episode. There's this guy who wants to sorta hurt spongebob and patrick but he just wants all there chocolate

"I wish my nuts were chocolate." - Patrick Star - sandycheeks

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2 The Camping Episode The Camping Episode

Here's my top 5:
5. Wet Painters
4. Krab Borg
3. Krusty Krab Training Video
2. Chocolate With Nuts
1. The Camping Episode

This episode was just great. It is a guideline for making a perfect SpongeBob episode. Some of the newer episodes are horrible, but this one is great. That song just never gets old. AMAZING EPISODE!

Top 5 Season 3 episodes

5. Born Again Krabs: sixty-two cents

4. No Weenies Allowed

3. Chocolate With Nuts

2. Krusty Krab Training Video

1. The Camping Episode

This episode had lots details that all worked together to make a near perfect episode. As well it's very funny.

The pic though O_O - BlueSheepYT

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3 Krusty Krab Training Video Krusty Krab Training Video

Remember, no employee wants to be a Squidward.

This Episode Is Fantastic It Does Such A Flawless Job At Mocking Training Videos And Acutely Makes It Funny And Unpredictable Unless You Like Me Who Has Seen It So Many Times That It Gives Opposite Day A Run For It's Money


The only problem I had with this eoisode is they didn't tell us the secret ingredient

This is my favorite SpongeBob episode ever - BlueSheepYT

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4 Wet Painters Wet Painters

*Favorite Quote*

Patrick: Wait Spongbob! We're not Cavemen!

Patrick: We have technology... *Point's at PC*

*Smashes PC*

Spongebob: It didn't work...

We have technology (Patrick smashes computer on dollar) it didn't work. One of my favorite moments in Spongebob history.

I'll have ya rear end cut off! This is one of my favorites close to my heart

Some of the most funny and well known quotes came here.

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5 Just One Bite Just One Bite

You like Krabby patties... Don't you squidward

Best episode ever

Does this look unsure to you?

This is should be more at the top of the list

It was so controversial with 9/11 when it first aired - Kid_ethinederland

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6 I Had an Accident I Had an Accident

Stop everybody saying this episode is underrated. I would put it in the top 10 episodes of all-time. And I've seen loads of YouTube lists where this is in the top 10. That's like calling Band Geeks underrated.

I'm in 7th grade & our teacher let us watch that in class. HE BROKE HIS BUTT. The family at the end made the episode so original & this will definitely go down in spongebob history.

This episode is so underrated because it is in season 3 which is full of so many great episodes To me this is one of the best spongebob episodes of all time.

Why isn't this in the top 3?

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7 Idiot Box Idiot Box

It's number 9 on the top ten best sponge bob episodes of all time but it's 11 here - Linc

This is one of my favorite episode growing up. - Chaotixhero


8 Can You Spare a Dime? Can You Spare a Dime?

Awesome episode! One of my favorite Spongebob episodes of all-time. This should be in the top 10! One of the few times where Spongebob gets pissed off at Squidward.

This episode is amazing, it's just a classic. I love the jokes, the plot, the setting, the mood, the memorable dialogue, everything! - Bobby792003

I like this episode because no time is wasted. Every second in this episode something happens - Ajkloth

So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and they had to hire a new one. - BeanBag343

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9 New Student Starfish New Student Starfish

Patrick is hilarious in this episode. He says " is it nap time mrs. Puff", "24", and draws a picture of mrs. Puff as a big fat meanie.

I thought of something funnier than 24... 25

Yeah I'll tear her limb from limb!

I don't like this episode - Linc

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10 Pranks a Lot Pranks a Lot

For all of you saying the end is bad you need to watch it again, Patrick and SpongeBob deserved it because they intentionally scared people and they went too far on that last prank so they deserved it. - JThrill

We Should of brought the whoopie cushion

"I don't get it." - Patrick Star

Excuse me Jthrill. Have you watched hooky, new student starfish and the sponge who could fly. Look what everybody done to spongebob. Those people deserved those pranks.

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11 Nasty Patty Nasty Patty

It's a shame that this episode is always overshadowed by Idiot Box. This is a really funny episode and I absolutely loved the dark humor. This episode is absolutely flawless! Should be #1.

Now this should be in the top 5 at least, it's funny!

Dark humor at its very finest.

Should be higher on the list - steelers1979

12 Ugh

This episode isn't as good as the camping episode or chocolate with nuts but is probably the best SpongeBob special to date - islandersfan91

Why do you guys hate this episode

This episode is just, UGH - RockStarr

This is my favorite SpongeBob special. It has good jokes, good patchy segments, that robot (who reminds me of a cross between C-3PO and the Cybermen from Doctor Who. I watch this episode because of the song whitch is REALLY catchy. I like they redesigned caveman SpongeBob And Patrick from their creepy, almost animal-like appearance in SB-129. My three favorite specials are:

1. Ugh

2. The Sponge Who Can Fly

3. Party Pooper Pants


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13 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

Bye Mr. Krabs, bye Plankton, bye Sandy, bye Larry, bye Pearl, bye Mrs. Puff, bye Squidward, bye... All the rest. Ah, alone at last. - Connor360

Really funny episode! Go watch the episode right now if you don't believe me. It's a little underrated.

This SpongeBob episode is criminally underrated. This episode is my all-time favorite. It's hilarious.

"Best paper towel around, or best paper towel in town? "

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14 Missing Identity Missing Identity

I feel this episode is beaten down and is not given enough praise. I don't even know WHY people dislike and/or loathe this episode. It makes no sense to me. - Bobby792003

The only pre movie episode that I HATE. I hated squeaky boots and the strangler, but not anymore, but I still hate this one.

15 Snowball Effect Snowball Effect

This is my 2nd favourite SpongeBob episode of all time! Why isn't this one on top 10? - Svampbob164

I know right?! I love it when Patrick swallows a million snowballs.

16 The Sponge Who Could Fly The Sponge Who Could Fly

I loved this episode. SpongeBob never gave up on his dream to fly, no matter what anyone else said. He was persistent and eventually he flew. Plus, I loved Old Man Jenkins in that episode.

The fact that the episode only aired once is not true.

I was able to find it 3 times on the Nicktoons channel in the first month I got it, so if you want to see this one, I recommend looking it up.

Heart warming episode. Maybe not the best, but I was really touched by this. It taught me to never give up, screw what people say!

It was pretty good but THE WALK CYCLE - Linc

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17 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

Surprised it wasn't on here, I thought it was the most popular MM and BB episode?

This is the suicide squad of the mermaidman and barnacleboy episodes. This episode is amazing!

18 The Algae's Always Greener

Aww... I miss all of the awesome Spongebob episodes! Anyways, this is my favorite episode in Spongebob history. The voices were good, the plot was AMAZING, and all of the characters were like able. (At least in the old series! ) Plankton had a brilliant plan in this episode, for the first time! Also, don't forget about the holographic meatloaf!


This episode should be higher on the list. I always had the thought of Mr. Krabs and Plankton switching outfits, and the part where Spongebob goes "eh,eh,eh,eh,eh" is just so classic.

HOW is this not within the top five! This episode was pure AWESOME!

...and the next day...and the next day...and the next day...and the next day...

19 The Bully The Bully

This show is completly hilarious when this bully comes and wants to kick spongebobs booty. And then spongebob runs into the bathroom and hides in the toilet. Maybe spongebob doesn't know that's where people poop! And then when spongebob thinks that flats the bully is coming into the bathroom he makes himself into a real sponge and when the guy opens the toilet he closes it! And when spongebob says this will be ugly gary takes out a camera laugh out loud

The best part is when SB is in the toilet and that fish says:oh, that's real nice

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20 Doing Time Doing Time

I loved this episode when I was 4! Now I still love it. I hope they make a sequel for this in season ten.

This episode is pretty disturbing, in a good way. I like the quotes, the gags, and well.. Pretty much everything.

This was the first one I ever saw. Still one of my favorites (only Frankendoodle is better) - Turkeyasylum

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