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21 Born Again Krabs

So funny, especially when Mr. Krabs rewound the customer's memory of the movie.

Mr. Krabs: I don't want this dirty money! I want SpongeBob back!

My favorite Mr. Krabd moment, it showed that money wasn't first on his list.

One of the worst pre-movie episodes. And the general public agrees with me. Why is this ranked above Mid-LifeCrustaceen and M&B 5

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22 Club SpongeBob

Squid ward deserved the torment underrated classic

This is my all time favorite episode of the show.

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23 Krab Borg

I love this episode, one of my favorite and should be 1 on this list. Squidward: SpongeBob, I never thought I'd say this but... LET'S GO GET THAT POOP! ". Also, the song Mr. Krabs likes is awesome.

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24 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve Rock-a-Bye Bivalve

Just the fact that Spongebob and Patrick decide to raise a baby clam is hysterical. - dureckl

"If I was a mom, this would be kinda shocking." - JThrill

JUNIOR! And OVERTIME! 2 best lines ever

This is why I hate To Love A Patty with a PASSION - BlueSheepYT

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25 Mid-Life Crustacean

For the people who hate this episode, sure, this may make fun of the elderly a bit, but look at the "Why do old people ruin the fun? " part. Imagine if some old guy came up to you and your friends, and wasn't related to you or your friends in any way, and said "Hey, can I play catch with you kids? " I mean, wouldn't that be a bit creepy/awkward?

How is this 22? This is considered one of the top 10 episodes of all time. Forget the whole season.

My favorite quotes ( I'm ready to party are you ready to party, Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs? )

I love this epsoide

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26 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV
27 My Pretty Seahorse

I can't find the coin slot! Here it is!

Just get out of here you stupid, dumb animal!

This episode is just nonstop laughter - Brochach

Just a cute episode

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29 No Weenies Allowed No Weenies Allowed

SpongeBob:I don't care what they say! You're going down tubby!
Patrick:Tubby, NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY! (Punches SpongeBob and gives him a black eye) laugh out loud!

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?
How tough am I? I declared No Weenies Allowed as a bad episode!
(scared) Go right this way, sir.
In other words, it was an awesome episode and you have to be real tough to say this is a bad episode!

30 Squilliam Returns

Squidward: Alright I've heard enough. You got the job. laugh out loud

31 Plankton's Army
32 As Seen on TV As Seen on TV

This episodes funny I love the music too

33 One Krab's Trash
34 SpongeGuard on Duty
35 The Lost Episode
36 Krabby Land
37 The Great Snail Race

I like it because the title card music is the tune to now that we're men (the SpongeBob SquarePants movie).

A worse version of A Pal for Gary.

How is this worse than A Pal For Gary? SpongeBob actually apologizes in this episode, but he never did in A Pal For Gary. - BlueSheepYT

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