Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Characters That Should Be the Main Character


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21 Stanley Squarepants
22 Pearl Krabs

I guess we could see how it goes

23 King Neptune King Neptune

How it gose in the kingdom

24 Kevin C. Cucumber
25 Shiny Bubble

I hate his ass I just want to see him get grounded

26 Bubble Buddy
27 Mini Squidward

Lol the show would be so lame

28 Margaret SquarePants

Lol nah she is ok but lets what his mom does in one episode

29 Harold SquarePants

Lets how his life is at least

30 The Jellyfish

They are jellyfish

31 Potty the Parrot
32 Lord Royal Highness

Alntis would be facinating

33 Spongegar
34 Patgar
35 Mindy

I wish they could show her more I liked here a lot

36 Triton

He only apeared once

37 Mama Krabs

Lol why not

38 Spongebuck

I like his acent

39 Dead Eye Plankton

Lol same thing though

40 Karen 2
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