Squidward Tentacles

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Squidward Tentacles is a fictional character voiced by actor Rodger Bumpass in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.


What? Patrick is above Squidward? I can't believe it. This guy is so hilarious. Patrick is a jerk in The Card. I mean, why would he walk in fire just to destroy the card? It's so stupid. And Spongebob there, just screamed the card will be destroyed, he didn't care about Patrick, just about the card. However, Squidward never had a bad appearance. Also, almost in all Squidward torture porns, Spongebob or Spongebob and Patrick tortured him. Poor guy. I wish they stop making episodes where he's tortured, the best SB character doesn't deserve it. Also, they should make an episode where Spongebob doesn't appear. In that episode, Squidward should be the main character. He's an underrated character just because he isn't #1 on this list. I adore this squid that hates Spongebob and Patrick.

Squidward is easily the best character on the Show, in both classic and modern SpongeBob. In classic SpongeBob, he's a lovable jerk who is punished for his bad actions, and deep down cares for his friends.

In Modern SpongeBob, he's the only character left with any Morality (besides Gary). I mean Patrick has admitted he is stupid on purpose, SpongeBob stalks and harasses Squidward, Mr. Krabs gleefully tried to drive someone to suicide, Planktons the villain, Sandy is completely immoral in her pursuit of science, and even the town is mean. But Squidward is just a normal guy, and is beaten down by the world. He's the only relatable one left, and I admire him for that.

Now, I love Squid, he makes the best episodes like Band Geeks and Pizza Delivery. But I also feel sorry for him, he never seems to catch a break, and is endlessly abused, he has been rejected, crushed, beaten and burned at least 20 times each season, and because of that damn SpongeBob and Patrick, even though they are the Real pricks. Episodes where I feel sorry for Squidward the most are in Boat Smarts, Good Neighbours and Boating Buddies. He was abused in season ones culture shock.
But what makes him a great character is his relatable personality, he is always surrounded by idiots, stressing and trying to figure out how to avoid others. - DapperPickle

Why is there so much hate against this guy?! Squidward has to be one of those characters in the series I can connect myself with. He's not a mean guy, he's just a perfectionist with a short temper and usually doesn't like to be around other people. He also imagines that he could be in his own world where everything is perfect. I CAN TOTALLY CONNECT WITH THAT! So, say what you want about Squidward, but he's definitely one of my absolute favorite Spongebob characters. - OnyxDash

Although he has bad attitudes, he always the best...

He should be #1. He was always my favorite character. And he'll always be. I'm really surprised he isn't #1. He's good in almost every episode, and Spongebob and Patrick aren't good every time (A Pal For Gary, Yours, Mine And Mine, Nature Pants, The Card, Stuck In The Wringer, Cephalopod Lodge and more). His worst appearance is "Little Yellow Book", but it's pretty much his only bad appearance. Again, I'm really surprised he isn't #1.

He and Sandy are the only likable characters still on the show, but Squidward is funny, talented, and underestimated. I wish I could live In Bikini Bottom I would put my house across from his. If Patrick or Spongebob or anyone for that matter was mean to him I would support him. I would Eat at the Chum Bucket just to piss of Mr. for being mean to Squidward. I still love Spongebob to this day. Even on the low points of Spongebob (season 6.5 to 7).

Squidward sometimes has the best jokes on the show. His one liners are hilarious! And let's not forget the pizza delivery episode, where that guy makes SpongeBob cry and Squidward slams the pizza in the guy's face and comforts SpongeBob- I think he does care about him, even if he doesn't show it. Squidward is complex and funny, and one of my favorites

I hate Squidward! He's a sarcastic, uptight, ungrateful, pessimistic jerk who yells at SpongeBob and Patrick because they're optimistic and not the sharpest knives in the drawer! He's ill-mannered and should tell SpongeBob and Patrick how he feels about them annoying him without all the anger behind it! All you people who love Squidward should understand that this is just an honest opinion so don't show up at my house with pitchforks and whatever else angry mobs use. I am not hating, I'm stating. - JHLover321

Squidward gets tortured by spongebob and patrick so squidward has a right to yell at them - YoshiApple

The fact that Patrick is number one after everything he's done is just sad. Even though Krabs is way worse, Patrick has turned into a bully and SpongeBob has turned stupidly out of character. Squidward should be number one after all the torture he's gone through, with Plankton at number two. - bobbythebrony

One of the most interesting plots explored in the pre-movie episodes was Squidward's respect for SpongeBob despite him always saying he hated him. Nowadays Squidward is the only redeemable character on the show (at least until the diary episode).

COME ON! Squidward is awesome! He should be number 1. Definitely

It seems like in every episode from Season 5 and on, he has been the Guinea pig of this series. He gets tortured nonstop, and the majority of the time, it's caused by SpongeBob. I think he is a very funny and likeable character. TEAM SQUIDWARD!

I don't care what some folks say, but Squidward's humor is probably the best on this show. He's less annoying than SpongeBob. How else to put it, he's just cool.

Patrick is overrated... That poor Squidward is my favorite character

The reason I like him so much is because he's the only one with enough common sense to realize how extremely stupid SpongeBob & Patrick are. I have a similar temper, too

Squidward is the best because he's mature. He always acts like a gentleman and is fragile. Even though he hates many people, he is a amazing character on the show.

All you people who hate Squidward can shove their butts in their mouths! He has been tortured so much that he should be in number 1! Screw Patrick, this is The Ultimate Best Spongebob Character EVER!

I really like Squidward he's a really funny guy sometimes and maybe he can move out of his house for another if they make an episode of that because SpongeBob & Patrick is sometimes really annoying in the newer ones

Squidward is the most human of all the characters, but is also the most lovable. While he is usually very short tempered and snappy, he has a heart of gold underneath, not to mention his hillarious moments which outclass both Patrick and SpongeBob. Did anyone forget: Does this face look unsure to you? Beautiful Squidward? Skill Crane?

He doesn't take bull from people which is the main reason I like him. Though sometimes in the earlier seasons he would celebrate over SpongeBob leaving which is just mean though overall he's a good character - bashed

Heh heh, moron. It's a requirement HAHA squidward is a legend he always makes me laugh, and that quote I just mentioned is the BEST quote from spongebob!

Squidward is probably one of the only SB characters I still like (except in Squid Defense when he beat up that harmless guy) other than Gary. I honestly feel awful for him in modern SB because he can never have a good moment (except in House Fancy which is actually a pretty decent episode other than the toenail scene). They even have a whole episode based around it called "Are You Happy Now" where Squidward is looking for a happiest memory but it doesn't come and there are even suicide references.

Squidward is the only sole character that I liked throughout the entire series, he is funny, sarcastic and even dumb at some points. Sure he can be mean to SpongeBob (naughty nautical neighbors, Christmas who? , and The little yellow book) but it makes up for when SpongeBob is an ass to him, hhe should be #1 with Patrick second and Sandy third

The only genius, which makes the comedy even funnier most of the time, when he isn't being tortured (Shoves choir boys back into the cellar)