Top Ten Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes After Season 3


The Top Ten

1 Have You Seen This Snail?

It really shows how much SpongeBob cares about gary. Too bad they had to ruin it in a pal for gary. The song is great too. - SammySpore

2 Krusty Towers

Yep it was the best for me - Matt92647

It has some of the best jokes in modern SpongeBob. It was hilarious when patrick wanted cheese on his room. The things that squidward made Mr. Krabs do were funny. - SammySpore

3 Sand Castles In the Sand

It was really interesting how they were building huge castles with sand. It was cool how they evolved from building a castle to a fight between a tank and a robot! - SammySpore

4 Roller Cowards

It was good how SpongeBob and patrick faced their fears. - SammySpore

5 Friend or Foe

It was awesome how we finally got to see how Mr. Krabs and plankton became enemies! - SammySpore

6 Dunces and Dragons

I love this episode! It's really funny. It was one of my favourite episodes when I was little. - SammySpore

7 Skill Crane

It was so funny that SpongeBob kept winning. - SammySpore

8 The Two Faces of Squidward

This episode was hilarious and imaginative. It always kills me when squidward gets EVEN MORE HANDSOME - SammySpore

9 Krabs a la Mode
10 Wishing You Well

The Contenders

11 A Pal for Gary

This is my favourite episode and it's so funny when spongebob was mean to gary

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