Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Have the Worst Plot

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1 Shuffleboarding

If the episode was just about shuffleboarding it would actually be an improvement. - NoodleRidley

There was no shuffleboarding

It's called shuffle boarding but they don't even show them shuffle boarding? What the Hell?!

It's like they combined the plot of a 5 min episode with an unfinished episode... Bad idea people - Joansb

2 One Coarse Meal

There's worst episodes, but boy does this one make me unhappy. I don't think the intention of this episode was to outright hate Mr. Krabs and want to see him served with butter. If it was it might've done an okay job at that, but it still doesn't seem all that interesting, clever or even funny of an episode. Krabs psychologically torments Plankton, that's it. You're better off watching any of the Saw movies.

Suicide. In a show directed towards kids. No, just no.

3 The Splinter

Who thought this episode was a good idea! Its an 11 minute grotesque freak Show! Even stuck in the wringer is more tolerable than this Atrocity! - FanAnime

4 A Pal for Gary

Gary Sound Like Cat And I Don't Like This Episode And I See Everything I Said "SpongeBob Gary Is In Puffy Fluffy Almost Getting Killed" And I See The Lame Scene That SpongeBob That He Is An Idiot And Said "Gary You Put Puffy Fluffy Down Right Now" Let's Kill SpongeBob For Being An Idiot To Gary - CuteGirlJigglypuff

The idea of bringing home a household pet to keep another household pet company only for said household pet to turn into a vicious monster and try to kill you while you blindly insult your only good household pet while he saved you from being eaten, seems to be an unoriginal and completely unfunny plot. -10/10

One name puffy fluffy why are you such a idiot SpongeBob puffy fluffy is trying to eat Gary and SpongeBob thinks Gary is hurting him at this point I'm about to shift to squidwards side of the woods

5 The Nasty Patty

How dare you pick the nasty patty it had a great plot

6 The Secret Box

This episode is great!

It doesn't have much plot but it is really good - Joansb

7 Reef Blower

Whats this doing here

This episodes great, it was originally going to have dialogue, but there was an audio problem.

This one is great

8 Planet of the Jellyfish

One of the BEST plots!

9 Glove World R.I.P
10 Rodeo Daze

Quickly now, make up an episode in the next five seconds, and it would still be more thought out than Rodeo Daze.

I wanted to add Dear Vikings as it was my first personal SpongeBob episode that I hated. But Rodeo Daze is an even bigger waste of time.

Basically Sandy wants to participate in a rodeo in Texas, because you know. Texas! She sings an irritating song explaining what Rodeo is which makes you wonder how they got from the Western parodic but sentimental "Wish I was back in Texas" to this.

SpongeBob fears for Sandy's safety as soon as he hears about rodeo clowns, because you know. Jokes about fear of clowns aren't at all getting old.

Then SpongeBob tries to get his friends and acquaintances to "save" her, they refuse, so he kidnaps them to the rodeo stadium in Texas. It "surprisingly" turns out Sandy is doing well, and is handling a bullfrog (even though she has dealt with actual bulls as seen in an older and much better episode), and the episode ends ...more

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11 Gone

This episode is awful! Even worse than A Pal for Gary! This episode doesn't even really have a plot, it's Spongebob's version of "The Return of Slade"! Also, this episode seems to bash Spongebob for who he is. Same with Patrick. And for that matter, he's completely OOC (out of character) here. Sandy, Gary and Mr. Krabs as well. What were they thinking? It's awful! - Svampbob164

12 Waiting

I'm waiting for something to happen, oh your telling me nothing does thanks for wasting my time - Joansb

13 SpongeBob, You're Fired!

It pretty much had no plot. - Garythesnail

Not to mention YTV said it was a new episode and it WASN'T. I was so excited and I got an episode that ends how it starts. In all the good episodes, a restaurant gets blown up or something. Or Squid is left without anything for a gum wrapper. :(

This episode has lots of plot! But it still fails in every single way possible - toptenzen

Mr Krabs fired spongebob to save a nickel.

14 Demolition Doofus

Mrs. Puff killing SpongeBob? Awful idea from the start. - Turkeyasylum

15 Face Freeze!

Can't believe I had to add this one. It's SpongeBob and Pat making faces. That's it. - Garythesnail

16 Funny Pants
17 Band Geeks

Why is Band Geeks here?

Because people are morons.

18 Choir Boys
19 The Card
20 Pet or Pests
21 To Love a Patty

SpongeBob loves a patty, and kills junior. That's the plot. - wolfythefree

22 Club Spongebob
23 Pizza Delivery

People actually like this episode? It was a whole episode about SpongeBob and Squidward delivering pizza and I didn't find it that amusing. This episode was boring - PatrickStar

Why is this here? It's such a good episode! - courier28


24 Whobob Whatpants
25 Dear Vikings

It only has ONE or TWO minutes of plot, the rest is stupid filler - Joansb

Seriously. There's literally NO PLOT.

26 The Clash Of Triton
27 Sponge-Cano
28 The Great Patty Caper
29 Squiditis
30 The Battle of Bikini Bottom
31 Banned In Bikini Bottom

"Banned for being fun and delicious".

How has this woman not been thrown in the looney bin yet?

32 Greasy Buffoons

It's just Mr. Krabs and Plankton making grease recipes back and forth, back and forth.

33 Nature Pants
34 Pet Sitter Pat
35 Stuck in the Wringer
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