SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Should Be Created

This is a Message to Nickelodeon, to tell the spongebob creaters that they should create the episodes below. It would make Spongebob popular again and it would reach high scores with these episodes like Band Geeks and many others. I Put the meaning for the episodes.
and a Note:
If i put nothing after the name of the episode it is a 15 minute episode
If I put something after the name of the episodes it is ether 7 mins,8 mins,30 mins or a Special episode
Enjoy reading the Amazing Episodes I Put in.

The Top Ten

1 The Six Top Squid's

Squidward wants to Join the 5 Top Squid to become a Famous Musician. With Sneaking into Squilliam's house and swaping his work to Squidward's, Squidward finally Became One of the 5 Top Squid's. The Ending is when the 6 Squid's are Making Wonderful Music in the Ocean Got Talent.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 3 This is Created in April 8, 2006 - JandS3000

I Love all of theses epically this one and Extreme Video Game if only they become true.

I Just love this, Nickelodeon should defenifty put this as a season 10 SpongeBob SquarePants episode. this is the Best Episode ever along with Band Geeks and Chocolate with Nuts.

This would be great. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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2 Chooseday

Nice list, and nice ideas. If only these could come true. - Alpha101

This sounds like the title of a Regular Show episode.


When Bikini Bottom Celebrate Chooseday:
Title Card Music: Hilo March
This is Created in January 15, 2007 - JandS3000

3 Starlight

Spongebob farts on a star causing it to release light and patrick pees his pants.

This is a cool idea!

That's a great idea!

SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magical Star in Jellyfish Fields which is Very Valauble. They want to Keep it But Everyone really Want that Star.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 14
This is Created in September 9th 2006 - JandS3000

4 Squirrel In School

Sandy goes to Boating School with SpongeBob, but SpongeBob soon feels left out when Sandy starts getting Mrs. Puff favortism.

Sandy joins SponbeBob in Boating School, but SpongeBob starts to feel like Mrs. Puff favors her over him. - Worksponge

5 Patrick Day

Patrick makes a holiday about himself. - Second

6 Chocolate with Geeks

Squidward is making a band again and they need SpongeBob to be the lead singer but at the same time Mr Krabs send SpongeBob and Patrick to sell chocolate to make money. But Soon after they delivered to every customer a fish started Exclaming "CHOCOLATE" and chase SpongeBob and Patrick right to the Stadium where they are going to perform Music like in band geeks. They Played an Epic Song and everyone loved it. But SpongeBob and Patrick have lots of chocolate which they don't need so they ended up handing them out to the audience and then they played an another Epic Song.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 6

Why is this here:, It Need to be way up the list. : It Is an episode of The best Two SpongeBob Episodes combining into One. They really need to create this episode it would be SpongeBob History.

Sequels of episodes? No.

Mixing the two episodes together? Awesome idea! - KennyRulz244444

Spongebob makes choccolate out of dried poop.

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7 New Upgrade
8 Real Fish of Bikini Bottom
9 All Tied Up


Spongebob ties his p├Žnis to a street pole.

10 Close Up

Spongebob and patrick make squidwards house into a grocery store without permission. - Second

The Contenders

11 Darkness in Bikini Bottom

Everyone in bikini bottom exsept spongebib and squidward turn into monsters and it is up to spongebob and squidward to turn everyone back. (30 minute special) - Second

Good idea!

12 My One And Only Friend
13 Fine Art in Bikini Bottom

Squidward makes porn art

14 Squidward vs The Jazz Master

A jazz monster ravages Bikini Bottom, and it is up to Squidward to stop it, but can Squidward possibly keep up with the monster's musical talent? - errrr

But in the end they collaborate and perform a song together - RockStarr

Squidward challenges a Professional Jazz Player in a Jazz battle to see who is the best jazz player of all time.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 13
This is Created in June 13, 2008 - JandS3000

Suuidward becomes a master of 3jaculation

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15 Sponge Family Reunion (30 Min.)

Ha ha teah

16 Snowball Effect 2

SpongeBob and Patrick have a snowball fight again but this time they were against Plankton and his latest inventions. Lots of Funny Stuff said on that episode like "What does Pernicious Mean" said Patrick "It Means that he is a Scary Cat" Said SpongeBob and lots others
Title Card Music:Wonderland of Snow/This is Created in December 26, 2006 - JandS3000

17 Drowning Red

Patrick makes a swimming pool out of hot sauce and everyone competes to see who can stay in the longest. - Second

18 Sponge Across Space (15 Minute Episode)
19 Puff's Bucket

Great idea. - anonygirl

Mrs. Puff gets hired by Plankton and Karen to work at the Chum Bucket, which she turns into a bakery.

Highlight Scene: Mrs. Puff and Karen arguing while Pearl is trying to make an order. - Worksponge

20 Wonderful Glove Universe

I would be really really surprised if Sandy ever falls for SpongeBob. This episode looks very interesting. - Kiteretsunu

This is a Very Excellent Episode Dude, It Would be Sweet if they started to date! Then Have them get married!, I Love This Episode.

SpongeBob wanted to asked Sandy to go to Glove Universe with him. And As It's it more Romantic than Glove World he wanted Sandy to really like Glove Universe just like Patrick did. It Turned Out to be Very Wonderful Day for Sandy so Wonderful that She Kissed SpongeBob at the End for Him bringing Her to the Amazing Glove Universe.
Title Card Music: Honolulu March (GDF)
This is Created in September 12, 2006 - JandS3000

This ending of this idea sucks! Would people stop believing that SpongeBob and Sandy are in love? They are not!

Seriously SpongeBob and Sandy would never date - PatrickStar

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21 Secret Formula Mission

Flora life was perfect, more perfect than everyone in Bikini Bottom. But There Someone who Wants to Get The Secret formula out of her. It is Plankton. He Noticed that Flora is an Intelligent Girl and she knows the secret Formula so he tries to sneak into her room and read her version of the formula. But He Tries to do anything he can to get the formula like Being Invisible, Pretending to be Her Fan, and Some More but they are all failing so He Made a Final Attempt about building an Nature Resort and Advertising it to everyone so that everyone would come. The Nature resort is great and SpongeBob and Mr Krabs was surprised but at the end of the tour a Sand Jet Took Flora and got the secret formula out of my mind but The Formula fell and landed on Mr Krabs so Plankton Failed again.
Title Card Music:On The Beach/This is Created in September 2006. - JandS3000

WOW! That episode seems fantastic and Creative. I Wish That This Episode could come true. I Read all the episodes about Flora and she is a Great Character Well Done JandS3000. - JandS3000Fan

Plankton gets many evil geniuses and tries to make a plan to steal the formula - Tyoshi

22 The Heart of Science

Plankton and patrick tie in a science fair and they compete to break the tie. - Second

23 Running to Victory

This is amazing and Please create this episode it would be very interesting for SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob was picked to run in the Waterlympic's to repensent Bikini Bottom. But the Other Runnier's think that he will come last in the race. But SpongeBob actually win's the Race.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 8th Track
This is Created in April 1, 2006 - JandS3000

24 Best Rapper in the World

And this episode should be called "Straight Outta Bikini Bottom"

You betta lose yourself in the patty, the moment, you betta never let it go...

Umm best singer in the world is a better idea - RockStarr

Ice Cube, 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg could guest star in this episode since they all lost street cred and went for the Hollywood life. especially Ice Cube since he gained sesame street credit

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25 The Sponge in Love

That would make for an interesting episode. - egnomac

Would be interesting - Lunala

SpongeBob falls in love with a Beautiful Girl Sponge called Ellie Kirby. But Ellie Is Just a Robot designed by Plankton because he knows that the only way that he could get the serect formula is for SpongeBob being in love.
Title Card Music:SpongeBob History Song
This is Created in October 30, 2006 - JandS3000

26 Best Singer in the World

I Love Music, and that means I would really love this. I Can't wait until this is created it would be the best episode ever. - G-EUYMusiclover

SpongeBob becomes the Best Singer in the World. Everyone loves his music and he Produces amazing music in the end.
Title Card Music: Honolulu March (GDF)
This is Created in November 23, 2007 - JandS3000

27 Race of a Lifetime

In Order to Keep Living in Bikini Bottom everyone needs to attend an Super Amazing Race which you have to be Paired with Someone You Hate. This Episode is So Funny.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 7th Track
This is Created in January 26, 2006 - JandS3000

28 Robot Star
29 Revenge of the Squid

Squidward is finally had it with everyone torturing and treating him like garbage everyday. and epically being annoyed by the sponge next door, SpongeBob SquarePants. Now, he thinks of a dangerous plan to finally get his revenge to SpongeBob and the Other Characters for making him Miserable all the time.
Title Card Music:Dangerous C
This is Created in September 11, 2006 - JandS3000

30 The Road Trip (20 Minute Episode)

All these ideas here, are kinda boring, cause the guy who created this list just mixed some ideas of episodes which already exist. I was truly disappointed when reading this list. The idea with the roadtrip seems to be the only one with a bit potential in it.

31 Sonic Pays a Visit

This should not happen. Cartoons should never cross over with video games. Besides, there are copyright issues since Sonic is Sega and SpongeBob is Nickelodeon. - anonygirl

How does Sonic breath underwater

No just no... - elmoworldrocks


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32 The Galactic Line

Plankton becomes an astronaut giving up stealing the formula. - Second

33 Squid Resort
34 Powerful Patrick and Super Sponge II

Squidward wad kidnapped by the Evil Man Ray and Dirty Bubble and Patrick and SpongeBob have to try and recuse him.
Title Card Music: The Lineman
This is Created in October 3, 2006 - JandS3000

35 Pizza With Geeks (30 Minute Episode)

In This Episode Squidward creates an another band, which SpongeBob needs to attend whilst Someone has ordered Pizza and Mr Krabs is trusting SpongeBob, whilst Someone has ordered Chocolate and SpongeBob needs to Deliver the Chocolate. So He asked Flora and Patrick to help him. So SpongeBob's Problem is sorted. SpongeBob is going to help with Squidward, Flora helps with Chocolate Delivery and Patrick the Pizza delivery. But as Flora and Patrick's Job's is Done they helped Squidward with the band and they played an another Epic Song. Title Card Music:Twelfth Street Rag. This is Created in September 3, 2006 - JandS3000

36 SpongeBob Kills Justin Bieber

The show's for general audiences, don't think Nick would go that far... unfortunately. - KennyRulz244444


This would be the best episode ever. Hope the animators make this.

37 Goodbye Sandy Cheeks

In This Episode Sandy told SpongeBob, Flora and all her friends that she needs to go Back to Texas because her family is in trouble and she is the only one to help and she needs a ride to the airport so SpongeBob and Flora took her to the airport and when they arrived all of her friends was there to say bye, and give stuff to Sandy for her to remember them. They Sang an Amazing Song to say all the amazing stuff she done like Helping all her friends, Her Intelligence and many more and just to say bye to sandy and SpongeBob gave sandy a hug before she departs and they all watch her Took Off on her plane to Texas and she gave a wave to all of them at the beautiful Sunset. The End. Title Card Music:Dancing The Hula/Steel Sting Opening. This Episode is Created in September 30, 2006. NOTE:This is the 40th to last SpongeBob episode EVER. - JandS3000

Sandy will never be back
On the plane
Sandy:Wa haha (cries like in the episode Whatever happened to spongebob)
Spongebob:Wah (cries like in a mix of Spongebob because,Karate choppers and a day without tears) Patrick:Noo(cries from WHTSB)
Various bikini bottom residents sob
Spongebob will have to find a way to get back Sandy

38 SpongeCraft (20 Minute Episode)
39 Dr. Dullard
40 Winter Weather

A vicious snow storm huts bikini bottom forcing spongebob and friends to stay inside. - Second

41 Squid's Golden Watch of Acquiescence

This episode would Change Mr Krabs so Much. He won't be so cheap anymore after this episode and it would make SpongeBob back to the top ten best cartoons of all time. Nickelodeon should defiantly put this as a SpongeBob episode. - Supervision116

Squidward recives a Golden Watch on his birthday which can do whatever he wants. but he dosen't need it so he berried it under his house, but Soon he sees on T.V. that the golden watch is really valable and it could make him famous. But by the time he tries to dig it out it was already duged by Mr krabs who sold it to get lots of money. But Mr Krabs now gives SpongeBob and Squidward $20 every week all because of the golden watch.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 1
This is Created in July 31, 2007 - JandS3000

42 Night of the Weresnail

While SpongeBob was walking home, he gets bit by a mysterious creature, and soon starts to act very snaily. Can SpongeBob's friends get him back to normal before the Krusty Krab Dance Party and before he turns into a vicious weresnail forever. Title Card Music:Drama Sting/
This is Created in October 29, 2006 - JandS3000

43 Seven Days of Adventure

In Order to Pass the Restaurant Test, SpongeBob and Squidward have to do Seven Day's of Extreme Adventure if they want to keep their Job's.
Title Card Music: Surfin Summer Girls Jingle
This is Created in March 29, 2010 - JandS3000

44 Catfish Woman
45 Krusty Pets

Mr. Krabs hosts a pet show at the krusty krab. - Second

46 Krusty Delivery

It had been a couple years since the Krusty Krab had delivered a Krusty Pizza so today the Same Customer who ordered the pizza as last time ordered a Couple Pizza's and a couple Chocolate bars for his birthday. So Mr Krabs sends SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward to deliver the pizza. But SpongeBob rang the bell to give the Customer's the pizza and chocolate, he only received the pizza's because Patrick ate the Chocolate so that make the customer chase them all around bikini bottom to the krusty krab Exclaming "CHOCOLATE" all the way untill he recives the chocolate because he was the same person who was "Exclaming "Chocolate" in Chocolate in Nuts. But Somehow they ended up in a Mario Video Game which they need to complete all the levels if they want to survive. Whilst they need to Survive on all the levels they can't get caught by the Person who is exclaming Chocolate. After they completed all the levels, they ran to the krusty krab to try and let Mr krabs deal with him. 20 seconds ...more - JandS3000

47 Bikini History (15 Minute Episode)
48 Yuletide Sponge
49 Plankton's Pizza
50 Basket Lovers
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