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221 Going to The Future

Plankton creates a Pet Store, for destory Mr. Krabs and steal formula, this is a Timemachine Disc of Cute Pets, and Krabs and Plankton goes in future, in future Plankton Moved away from Bikini Bottom to to a Small town and Plankton renamed it Shell-Bottom and he has the have secret formula. Title Card Music:Dancing the Hula/This is Created in November 14, 2006 - JandS3000

222 Second Bikini Bottom

All of the fish in Bikini Bottom Discover a second Bikini Bottom. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 5th Track - JandS3000

223 Doing Back Flips

Patrick becomes acrobatic and Flexible and soon becomes the master of Back Flips. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 2/This is Created in September 18, 2006 - JandS3000

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224 Swimming In December

It suddenly gets very hot in Bikini Bottom for an unknown reason, and the snow melts away in a snap. So, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to go to the community pool and swim. Most of Bikini Bottom decides to join in, too. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 2/This is Created in December 15, 2006 - JandS3000

225 Stopping The Astroroid

There is a Huge Astroroid which is going to Destory The Planet so He and His Friends go out to space and try and stop the Astroroid. Title Card Music:Finger of Suspicion 2 - JandS3000

226 The Amazing Planet

SpongeBob and Patrick landed on a Unknown Planet which have everything they like. Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 8th Track/This is Created in November 26, 2006 - JandS3000

227 Pearl In School
228 SpongeBob vs Adventure Time
229 SpongeBob Teams Up With Godzilla
230 1920 SpongeBob
231 Turkeyasylum and Pug in Bikini Bottom

Turkeyasylum and Pug meet SpongeBob. They together go to Barkia and tour Barkia. Than they head to Bikini Bottom. After that, Turkeyasylum and Pug gain gills and stay in Bikini Bottom for a little longer. - Turkeyasylum

232 Sandy Insults SpongeBob
233 DoodleBob Returns

If they ever make this lets hope it's not like bubble buddy returns

234 Plankton Gets the Formula
235 The Six Stories of Love

Patchy the Pirate tells the six stories of love, which includes Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff getting married, how Squidward and Squivila's realationship is working out, Mary the Snail's return, Plankton trying to get Karen, who left him, back, Patrick sending love letters to Mindy, and the best story of all, SpongeBob confessing his love for Sandy.

236 Rugrats go Spongey
237 Spongebob's Modern Life
238 BobSponge
239 Dr. Blowhole's Bikini Bottom

After Blowhole's failure to conquer the Cal-De-Sac in the episode Ed of the World, he seeks to go to Bikini Bottom and get his revenge. He tries to find out where the sponge lives. He is unsuccessful during his entire journey. He first goes to SpongeBob's parents house thinking that SpongeBob lives there. He turns out to be wrong but he captures them anyways. SpongeBob hears about the event from the police and is worried. SpongeBob tries to figure out who did the crime. After that Blowhole goes to SpongeBob's grandmas house and captures her too. SpongeBob eventually finds out that the dolphin is behind his when he sees clues. Blowhole finds out where SpongeBob works eventually and it becomes a showdown at the Krusty Krab. Blowhole teams up with Plankton and captures the formula for him. Blowhole decides that he doesn't need the formula and can just take over the town by means of power. He does not cancel his deal with Plankton yet. He tells him that if he captures and kills the mayor, ...more

240 The New SpongeBob

SpongeBob and Patrick are playing leaf blower tag and they accidentally destroy squid's house. Squidward sues and makes SpongeBob and Patrick pay for the damages to his house. Mr Krabs won't give him a raise so he starts working at Barg'N mart at night. Think of all the gags this episode could have as SpongeBob works as a cashier and tries to stock shelves, and other things grocery store workers do. he should get mad when he has to go collect the carts in the parking lot.

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