SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Should Be Created


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261 Glove Universe RIP
262 SpongeBob Plays Pokemon Go
263 Gary & Spot
264 Calvin & Hobbes in Bikini Bottom
265 SpongeBob Meets Jimmy Neutron
266 A Coward Pizza Chocolate Tower Geek's Pet Dragon in the Foe

A combination of Roller Cowards, Pizza Delivery, Chocolate with Nuts, Krusty Towers, Band Geeks, Plankton's Pet, Dunces and Dragons, Sand Castles in the Sand, and Friend or Foe. - anonygirl

267 SpongeBob Gets Grounded
268 Pre-movie SpongeBob Meets Post-movie SpongeBob
269 The Pre-Movie SpongeBob Cast Kills The Post-Movie SpongeBob Cast And The Show Is Back To Normal
270 Taco Conquest

A new taco resteraunt opens in bikini bottom and mr. Krabs sends spongebob and patrick to work there as spys. - Second

271 SpongeBarian (23 minute special)

Spongebob is captured by barbarians and forced to be one of them later they capture a starfish and spongebob finds out it is patrick so they must escape from th barbarians and get back home. - Second

272 Casting Casts

Spongebob and patrick try to prove a new T.V. commercial for casts that heal your leg in 23 hours is fake. - Second

273 Pineapple Party of Two V 1 Comment
274 Steel Smart

Mr. Krabs and spongebob compete to see who can make the best krabby patties. - Second

275 Squid Locked

Squidward gets locked in the krusty krab over night. - Second

276 Learning to Find a Way to Explore (8 minute short)

Spongebob finds a magic painting at boating school. - Second

277 Paper Pull-Off (3 minige short)

Spongebob heats up his food with a napkin in it causing it to stick to his food and he tries to pull it off. - Second

278 Kelpy G's Last Stand
279 Different Way
280 The Return of Krabborg
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