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301 Why Do Sponges Fall In Love?

Title card music: Why do fools fall in love?
SpongeBob's dad tells the tale of how he fell in love with his wife.

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302 Banned Geeks
303 Twas Written In the Stars

Patrick gets the opportunity of a lifetime, but it isn't all what it's cracked up to be...

304 SpongeBob the Lawyer

Patrick is accused by Neptune for touching the crown, and SpongeBob must prove his innocence...

305 Prize Plunge

SpongeBob goes to the arcade for the first time in ages to find his childhood favourite, Prize Plunge, is still there...

306 The Elite Trio

Plankton steals Krab's money, so SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward must retrieve it.

307 The Mystery of the K.K.

It seems over night the Krusty Krab was broken into, so SpongeBob must find who it was. Turns out to be Mr.Krabs.

308 How the Plankton (Failed) to Steal Christmas

This could be a cool Christmas special. And when he goes to Patrick's house Patrick wakes up, think s it's santa, and passes out.

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309 Ms. Krabs
310 Costumer 23122
311 Squidward Says
312 One Last Time
313 Spain

Spongebob enters into a spanish dancing contest - Second

314 Publishing

Spongebob tries to publish a book he wrote. - Second

315 Cold Pilot (25 Minute Special)

Spongebob and patrick fly a plane and crash jn the arctic icean and with the help of a polar bear named "killer" they build a plane to get back home. - Second

316 Death

What kind of idiot would vote for this? - PatrickStar

I would love to see this. I'M JUST KIDDING! This idea is horrible. - Garythesnail

When SpongeBob dies and everyone celebrates.
Title Card Music: We are the Champions

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318 Adolf Sponge V 1 Comment
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