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41 Night of the Weresnail

While SpongeBob was walking home, he gets bit by a mysterious creature, and soon starts to act very snaily. Can SpongeBob's friends get him back to normal before the Krusty Krab Dance Party and before he turns into a vicious weresnail forever. Title Card Music:Drama Sting/
This is Created in October 29, 2006 - JandS3000

42 SpongeBob Kills Justin Bieber

The show's for general audiences, don't think Nick would go that far... unfortunately. - KennyRulz244444

This would be the best episode ever. Hope the animators make this.

43 Seven Days of Adventure

In Order to Pass the Restaurant Test, SpongeBob and Squidward have to do Seven Day's of Extreme Adventure if they want to keep their Job's.
Title Card Music: Surfin Summer Girls Jingle
This is Created in March 29, 2010 - JandS3000

44 Catfish Woman
45 Krusty Pets V 1 Comment
46 Krusty Delivery V 1 Comment
47 Bikini History (15 Minute Episode)
48 Yuletide Sponge
49 Plankton's Pizza
50 Basket Lovers
51 Crusty Fried Chicken

With No Customer's Mr Krab's needed something to get the Customer's Back. Patrick Suggested to put a New Item to the Krusty Krab menu which is Crusty Fried Chicken because the Costomer's are at this restaurant called Living Fried Chicken. So With That Lot's of Customer's arrived to The Krusty Krab. But Soon Nobody is Buying Krabby Patty's anymore which makes SpongeBob stop working and spend time making krabby Patty's of himself. So with that Mr Krab's haves to put an end to Crusty Fried Chicken. After two week's Everything went back to normal.
Title Card Music: Tripping Upstairs
This is Created in October 1, 2006 - JandS3000

52 Burning Rubber

SpongeBob Made a Pancake for Himself. But the Pancake is full of Speed, so when SpongeBob ate it he Became the so Fast that he can beat Anyone in a Running Tournament. As They are Lot's of Customer's in the krusty krab he had to make krabby's Patty's 3 times as Fast. But with SpongeBob's speed he made krabby patties 6 times as fast. But one day the pancake came out so, SpongeBob became normal again.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 2
This is Created in September 19, 2006 - JandS3000

53 Welcome to the New World Flora
54 Gymnastic Star

SpongeBob saw a Famous Gymnast in a ad who have anything there wanted and SpongeBob wished that he was as great as the fish so he asked Sandy to train him to Become a Great Gymnastic and in two weeks he is a Great Gymnast. But the Gymnastic team of Bikini Bottom are losing a Gymnast so they got SpongeBob and he made an world record. The end shows SpongeBob thanking Sandy for making him an Gymnast. Title Card Music:SpongeBob History Song/This is Created in November 4, 2006 - JandS3000

He wins in a competition then he performs gymnastics for 1 minute then squidward, sandy, mr Krabs, Patrick, and gary join in - RockStarr

55 Sponges are Yellow, Octopuses are Blue, I'm having Trouble, How About you?

Spongebob and squidward have a hard time finding a valentines so they compete to see who can get one first. - Second

56 Junior's Return
57 Powerful Patrick and Super Sponge III

Every Evil Person Unite to try and Dominate Bikini Bottom, but nobody knows a Superhero to defeat them so Super Sponge and Powerful Patrick are sent to try and defeat them.
Title Card Music: Dramatic Cue (g) clashing with Steel Licks
This is Created in October 4, 2006 - JandS3000

58 Plankton the Jellyfish (8 Minute Episode)

After Having F.U. N with SpongeBob Plankton wanted to Become a Jellyfish so he can get the Secret Formula. So He Became a Jellyfish but soon he forgets the mission and start liking being a Jellyfish.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 10th Track
This is created in February 19, 2007 - JandS3000

59 Super Awesome Summer Beat

SpongeBob and the gang are watching a documentary and they get bored of watching it so they change the channel end up watching a really hilarious program so SpongeBob thought of creating a program which involves Comedy. When it was released, it become the most popular program on Earth.
Title Card Music:Tentically Speaking. This is Created in September 21, 2006 - JandS3000

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60 The Extreme Battle

It Is an Normal Day In The Krusty Krab, but Plankton Really Wants the Secret Formula This Time and he wants a Extreme Battle with him and Mr Krabs liked that Idea so the Battle is Sorted planning to be 24 Hours since them. During the 24 Hours Every Evil and Good Person that Ever came Across SpongeBob SquarePants either went on Plankton side like DoodleBob, Plankton's Family and The Machines from Komputer overload and the good citizens like Patrick, Sandy, Fred, Harold and many more. Even the Weapons used in Before episodes like The Fighter Jets in Sand Castles in the Ground, The Blimp in Spy Buddies, The Giant Spoon in Plankton's Regular and The Weapons In Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy's Lair were included. The Battle was Inevitable and everyone was ready to fight the opponent team and when the fight started, it was endless and later on in the fight, Plankton relinquished and once again Mr Krabs won. Title Card Music:Spongebob History Song/This is Created in September 2, 2006 - JandS3000

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