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61 Basebob Ballpants

Great idea, but the title could be better. - anonygirl

62 The Epic Journey (30 Minute Episode)
63 Fried Cook
64 Krabs Got Served
65 The Battle for Bikini Bottom (1hour Special)
66 Bubble Contest
67 Patrick the Documentary
68 Mystery Pants
69 Cards! (15 Min.)
70 Best Pet in the World

Patrick has always wanted a pet, so SpongeBob takes patrick to the pet store to pick what pet he likes and he picked a kitten called Hannah. Hannah can do amazing tricks and stunt's but soon everyone wants Hannah because they know they would be rich with that kitten.
Title Card Music: Hula Festival - JandS3000

Though I'd think it wouldn't be a legit kitten, since this is a spongebob world. I also think it should be a worm(dog).

71 Super Funfair Build

Mr Krabs asked SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy to Build an Super Amazing Funfair to get Customers. At First They aren't Doing a really Good Job but Soon SpongeBob started Singing a Great Song which Make all of Them worked harder and sure enough They Created a Wonderful, Super Amazing Funfair and Everyone Loved it and Mr Krabs made Millions of Money out of it and the ending is When SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr Krabs and Squidward sang another Epic Song. SpongeBob Singing, Squidward Singing/Keyboard, Patrick Playing the Drums, Mr Krabs playing the Guitar
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 11 - JandS3000

72 Joyful New Years Day (30 Minute Episode)

SpongeBob and Patrick wanted a great coundown to the new years day but all the characters don't. That makes them sad. they tried to get the other characters to watch the new years day by Doing Amazing stuff like (Making Wonderful Music, Doing Headstands, Tricks and many other stuff) but they still don't want to come but at 11:50 they actually came. SpongeBob and Patrick Took all of them up to space and when it's midnight it was wonderful to see the earth celebrating, but space is windy. When they came down They Hold each other hands and ever since they came up to space every New Years Eve.
Title Card Music:SpongeBob History Song - JandS3000

73 Online Cheat's

As Squidward's last couple attemps of Moving out didn't work out he join's a Online Game to get money to move House:
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 9th Track - JandS3000

74 Sponge Night Routine (7 Minute Episode)

We Will know How SpongeBob haves his Night Routine after work.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Sting 9 - JandS3000

75 Sport's Day

Great idea! This would feel like Season 2! - anonygirl

This Year, Bikini Bottom is gonna celebrate sport's day with the person you hate. (SpongeBob-Squidward)(Mr Krabs and Plankton)(Pearl and Patrick) and many others. They are Doing 3 Events: High Jumps, 400m Racing, and Javelin throw. The winner will recieve a Chance to perform in the stage. Squidward Really want that so he can have fame but SpongeBob and squidward aren't the best Athelete's so when they came 6th out of 10th in the pairs he didn't give up so squidward started singing "Michael Jackson - Thriller" and everyone started joining using their Intruments to join with the thriller. So instead of having fame right at the moment, Squidward would have the fame later on the year and everyone would enjoy his wonderful music.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 7th Track going into the opening then changes to Hawaiian Sting - JandS3000

76 SpongeBob Gets His Boating License

After Years of Failing, SpongeBob Finally Passes and Gets His New Boat. Everyone Was Surprised that SpongeBob can Drive and Squidward had Failed his Bet with SpongeBob. SpongeBob Now can Drive Perfectly.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 2 - JandS3000

This should be the final episode. - anonygirl

77 Spongebob's Birthday Party

SpongeBob wakes up one morning and finds out his friends have planned a birthday party for him. However SpongeBob is going to experience that it would be far more than just a normal birthday party and presents.
Title Card Music:SpongeBob History Song
This is Created in September 20, 2006 - JandS3000

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78 The Awesome Inanimate Objects That Struck Squidward

Squidward was having a really Bad Day so Bad that he wished that Inanimate Objects can Come Alive and start attacking SpongeBob and Patrick but actually the Inanimate Objects start attack Squidward and it makes his life even more a Miserally and the End Squidward Relizes that He shouldn't take dangerous Inanimate objects to SpongeBob and Patrick.
Title Card Music:Cartoon Sting 19 - JandS3000

79 Best SpongeBob Episode Countdown (1 Hour Special)

In This Episode we would see the top 200 Best SpongeBob Episodes in all time with SpongeBob as the Countdown Master.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Train (As the First SpongeBob Music Heard in SpongeBob SquarePants) This is Created in July 6, 2006 - JandS3000

Obviously Band Geeks would be number 1. - anonygirl

80 The Great Adventure Of SpongeBob Rhombuspants

What could have happened if SpongeBob isn't already used as a real life mop brand? Follow the adventure of the alternate reality version of SpongeBob, SpongeRhombuspants, in his adventure at Bikini Bottom with his friend Patrick Star.
Title Card Music:Dramatic Cue (e)/This is Created in September 23, 2006 - JandS3000

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