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101 Death

What kind of idiot would vote for this? - PatrickStar

I would love to see this. I'M JUST KIDDING! This idea is horrible. - Garythesnail

Horrible idea - elmoworldrocks

When SpongeBob dies and everyone celebrates.
Title Card Music: We are the Champions

102 Football Mad's

SpongeBob skills for Football is so good so SpongeBob was Invited to the Ocean world Cup repersenting Bikini
Bottom. One team by One Bikini Bottom is defeating everyone because of SpongeBob. When Bikini Bottom was in the finals SpongeBob got Injured. But with SpongeBob injured bikini bottom is losing 4:2 by the "Pront loser's Fc". But With SpongeBob friend's convising him SpongeBob was back in the game But this time with his friend's instead of the regular players. And With That Bikini Bottom won the ocean world cup.
Title Card Music:Happy Sponge Chase Vibes - JandS3000

103 Extreme Video Game

SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward got sucked in into an Extreme video Game. They Have to complete 5 extreme levels to complete the video game with only 4 lives.
Title Card Music:Marching to Honolulu - JandS3000

104 Jailforever

Mr Krabs was lieing for years about him paying the restaurant fee and how he stole all the money from the bank so, squidward called the Police about all that and mr krabs was forced to give up the krusty krab. and the serect formula to plankton and he had go to Jail forever all because of his really cheap style.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 5th Track - JandS3000

105 FairlyoddSquarepants

The Fairly odd parent's character's are going to meet all the SpongeBob squarepant's character's in bikini bottom.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 8th track - JandS3000

106 Gary's New Best Friend

After a couple weeks with Hannah living nearby, Gary and Hannah started hanging out together which makes SpongeBob and Patrick Happy.
Title Card Music:Hilo March - JandS3000

107 Mr Muscle

SpongeBob becomes the Toughest Man in Bikini Bottom. But Soon He Compete's with Other Tough People.
Title Card Music:On the Beach - JandS3000

108 Trusting Patrick

SpongeBob got his brand new Spatula for his Birthday and he wants patrick to look after it untill he returns from the Fry Cook Games. But Patrick Uses it for all sort's of Silly Stuff and when SpongeBob was back his new Spatula was broken. But in the end Patrick Bought a Whole Box of New Spatula and gave them to SpongeBob.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 9th Track - JandS3000

109 Powerful Patrick and Super Sponge

As Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are too old to be superhero's SpongeBob and Patrick replaced them and save people and Defeating Evil during their spare time.
Title Card Music: The Lineman
This is Created in October 2, 2006 - JandS3000

110 Jellysweet's

SpongeBob and Patrick created a Brand new Sweet called "Jellysweet's". At First Everyone liked it but soon SpongeBob and Patrick wanted to closed "Jellysweet's" because they not doing their usual stuff anymore. But that made everyone Angry, SpongeBob and Patrick tried to say that Sweet's aren't good fot them but nobody listened to, But Soon they all relized that Sweet's aren't good for them and SpongeBob and Patrick was right.
Title Card Music Hawaiian Sting 13 - JandS3000

111 Best Dancer in the World

SpongeBob Becomes the Best Dancer in the World. Eveyone loves his Dance Moves so they signed him into a Dancing Contest and He compete's with Other Good Dancer's. The End is when SpongeBob haves to play this good dancer called "Hanson" and After two Hours SpongeBob won and he becomes the Best Dancer in the World.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 7th Track - JandS3000

SpongeBob Becomes the Best Dancer in the World. Everyone loves his dance and everyone wants him to dance whilst their party's.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 3rd track - JandS3000

112 Best Video Game Player in the World

SpongeBob becomes the best Video Game Player in the world. But the Video game store really need someone really good at video games to best the "World Record" and when they Saw SpongeBob skills they really want him in. So they told SpongeBob about all that and sure enough he is playing the video game. After two hours of video games SpongeBob actually Broke the world Record and became the world's best Video game Player.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 3rd Track - JandS3000

SpongeBob Becomes the Best Video game Player in the World. The Video Game Store people really wanted a player to beat the "World Record" and when they Saw SpongeBob Skills they really want him to play, so he told him to play. With his Game Skills he Beat the Current world record with's his and that makes the video game store rich.
Title Card Music:Alekoki - JandS3000

113 Krusty Airways

Mr Krab's wanted to sell krabby patty's and a item called Krusty Pizza in other parts in the sea so Mr Krabs stole a Plane from the airport and named it "Krusty Airways" and Make Squidward and SpongeBob pilot's.
Title Card Music: The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - JandS3000

114 Pearl's Shop
115 Paradise Island

After Long shifts at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob really need a Vacation. Gary showed SpongeBob a Flyer about a Paradise Island. So later in the day he took gary to the airport to go to a Paradise Island, but atfter 3 days thye liked it so much so that the doesn't want to come back to bikini Bottom.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 7th Track - JandS3000

116 Easter Begins
117 SpongeBob's Super Automatic Surfboard

SpongeBob has Brought a Awesome Automatic Surfboard which can surf and change into whatever he likes.
Title Card Music: SpongeBob History Song - JandS3000

118 Visit Around the World (30 Minutes Episode)

Sandy has Bulit a Rocket for her friends to visit Texas. But Unfortunately the rocket exploded near the atomosphere leaving all the friend's in different parts of the world. SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick are in the Safari trying to find all the other friend's in a Adventure.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Trax 9th Track - JandS3000

119 Thieve Unknown

SpongeBob Had saw a Thieve Stealing Money from the Bank. So He called the Police to catch the Thieve. But Suddendly everyone in Bikini Bottom were in Thieve Planet looking for that thieve. But it turns out to be Mr Krab's.
Title Card Music:Captain Lenoe's - JandS3000

120 Shape and Space Class

Sandy starts a New School which is about Shape and Space "April 2nd" because in a Couple Weeks "May 16th" Sandy and the friend's need to go to a Maths Compertision to test which part of the sea is the cleverest.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 5 - JandS3000

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