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121 Snowball Fight / Krusty Might
122 Regular World of SquarePants

No offense, but I don't see this happening for copyright reasons. SpongeBob is Nickelodeon while AWOG and Regular Show are Cartoon Network. - anonygirl

A Collision of The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show and SpongeBob characters together showing around The Park, Elmore and Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob, Mordecai and Gumball team up with Patrick, Mr Krabs, Sandy, Rigby
, Skips, Muscle Man, Darwin, Nicole and Tina to defeat Every Evil Villan which showed in all of the three shows.

Title Card Music: Regular Show ending, The Amazing world of Gumball's Opening and Hawaiian Train - JandS3000

123 FIFA World Cup Champions (30 Minute Episode)

SpongeBob and Gary are watching the world cup quarter finals with the countrys: England, Brazil, Netherands and Spain supporting England and Spain. But the final is England and Brazil and one england player leg is damaged so they need someone to come on and replace him for this match. So SpongeBob came over and took the chance because he did once played in a football match. At the start is was 7:0 to Brazil and england have just given up but SpongeBob never gives up so he started scorring lots of goals up to 7:7. it was 92:30 and it only have 30 seconds untill it goes into penitles. But as again SpongeBob always never gives up so he score a goal in the last second and england actually won all because of SpongeBob. - JandS3000

124 SpongeGame

SpongeBob creates a video game which started really easy but soon becomes really challenging.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 5 - JandS3000

125 Colourful Day

Neptune, Hosts Colourful Day for all the seas on earth and he makes Patrick Leader of Colourful Day.
Title Card Music:Girl Goners - JandS3000

126 Change Krab Ways

Sandy accidently spills a Potion onto Mr Krabs, making him Generious and a Good Manager for the Krusty Krab.
Title Card Music: Hawaiian Party - JandS3000

127 SpongeBob the Metalhead

Things turn upside down in the Bikini Bottom when sponge bob gets into Mettallica and Iron Maiden. Things get bad when Patrick is listening to Neil Diamond and SpongeBob busts into Patrick's home and Patrick departed this existinse of life to an eternal sabbath of rest. For those illiterate, he died. So eventually The Beatles bomb SpongeBob's house. Title card music: One by Metallica

128 TheTopTenSquarepants

I would love to see this, But it would never gonna happen.

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129 Spy Star

They all thought Patrick was an idiot, but they couldn't be wrong anymore. He became a Top Secret Spy and have to defeat diabolical and most feared villain of the sea
Title Card Music:James Blond - JandS3000

130 Surviving The Storm

Bikini Bottom is usually a place where it's sunny and warm, but they experience extreme storms just like every other place on the sea. But they Find out that a powerful tornado hits Bikini Bottom. But They Have to find a way to survive the storm.
Title Card Music: Dramatic Impacts - JandS3000

131 Sandy's Invention

Sandy creates an Invention that can show you your dreams you had in the past and your dreams in the future and when the invention was on the newspaper, everyone started visiting Sandy's Treedome and there was an endless line of people lining up at the Treedome.
Title Card Music:Twelfth Street Rag
This is Created in July 27, 2006 - JandS3000

132 Squidward Appreciation Day

This episode takes place A Day after the episode Band Geeks. In that episode Squidward Beaten Squilliam at his own way by His Band Playing Epic Music. Everyone felt Quite sorry for him for not getting appreciated so they came up with Squidward Appreciation Day, To Say "Thank You" for "Creating the Band" and All the Stuff He Done in the Past.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Happiness with Steel Sting (b) in the Opening
This is Created in November 10, 2006 - JandS3000

133 War for the Secret Formula

Patrick decided to give Plankton the secret formula, thinking that will make his life better. But it only makes his life an nightmare. Everyone in Bikini Bottom is Counting on Patrick to get the krabby Patty Formula back so Patrick and Plankton go to War. Even Though That Plankton Weapons are more Powerful everyone decided to Help Patrick win the war but Squidward and Karen Joined Plankton. But War get Seriously Dangerous but Patrick Actually Wins so Plankton was forced to give the secret formula to Patrick.
Title Card Music:Ghouls of the Briny Deep
This is Created in October 2, 2006 - JandS3000

134 Mr Krabs Cool Motorcycle
135 Funnyuser and Jaytop10list Comes to Bikini Bottom Part 1 of 3
136 Starfish Working at the Krusty Krab

Squidward quits his job from working at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs hires Patrick to take place for Squidward at the cash register. At First Patrick is Successful at that Job but soon he Gets Distracted By Talking and Playing Quietly with SpongeBob so he Failing to do that Job so Mr Krabs Fires Him and Hires Squidward Back.
Title Card Music:Holiday Dream - JandS3000

137 Spongebob Wins the Lottery

SpongeBob wins the lottery and he Desecrate the Krusty Krab and he gives Squidward money so with the money Squidward finally moved Out of the Neighbourhood but still works at the krusty krab, gives Mr. Krabs money so that He could Keep It and gives Patrick money so that he could buy all the Krabby Patty's he Wants.
Title Card Music:Hula Festival/This is Created in November 18, 2005 - JandS3000

138 The Glove Bucket

When SpongeBob and Patrick go to Glove Universe, Plankton buys it out. He turns it into The Super Bucket and uses it to invade Bikini Bottom to get the secret Formula. But the Citizens become angry and Demands to get glove Universe back.
Title Card Music:Time For Terror then Hawaiian Sting 11 Opening - JandS3000

139 The Diary of Gary the Snail

Gary writes an Diary entry about His Life which everyone could see how his life been so far.
Title Card Music:Piano Concerto No. 21 Elvira Madigan - JandS3000

140 Funnyuser and Jaytop10list Comes to Bikini Bottom Part 2 of 3

After Erin (Funnyuser) Told the Story to SpongeBob they both heard a voice and they saw it's Plankton and he Joined forces with an alliance and they wanted threaten the Entire Sea and the World. SpongeBob called His Friends and Erin called all the Other Top Ten Users to Get To Bikini Bottom at Once because they need as much people as possible to defeat the evil enemy's. At a Flash all TopTen Users came with Britgirl and PositronWildHawk as the Leaders. SpongeBob told all the users that Evil is about to Destroy the World and at that moment some Users Ran Away and Hided so Now There Only around 80% of Users who came are still not scared and what's worse is that Plankton and his Evil Friend made Loads of Copies of Themselves so Now It is a harder Battle to win. The Battle Started, SpongeBob told Funnyuser to use Imagination with him so that it could block some of the Weapons they Have. But Plankton Got Weapons which can wipe People out so that Take Some MORE users off the team. Usa123 ...more - JandS3000

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