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141 Funnyuser and Jaytop10list Comes to Bikini Bottom Part 2 of 3

After Erin (Funnyuser) Told the Story to SpongeBob they both heard a voice and they saw it's Plankton and he Joined forces with an alliance and they wanted threaten the Entire Sea and the World. SpongeBob called His Friends and Erin called all the Other Top Ten Users to Get To Bikini Bottom at Once because they need as much people as possible to defeat the evil enemy's. At a Flash all TopTen Users came with Britgirl and PositronWildHawk as the Leaders. SpongeBob told all the users that Evil is about to Destroy the World and at that moment some Users Ran Away and Hided so Now There Only around 80% of Users who came are still not scared and what's worse is that Plankton and his Evil Friend made Loads of Copies of Themselves so Now It is a harder Battle to win. The Battle Started, SpongeBob told Funnyuser to use Imagination with him so that it could block some of the Weapons they Have. But Plankton Got Weapons which can wipe People out so that Take Some MORE users off the team. Usa123 ...more - JandS3000

142 Squidward's Lost Love

What happens when the love of your life forgets he loves you? For Squidward, life begins to spiral the moment SpongeBob opens his eyes without his memory of the last few years. Desperate, Squidward turns to the deepest part of the ocean in search of a cure, leaving his impressionable fiance in the hands of an adultress bent on tearing them apart.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Hula - JandS3000

143 Extreme Mountain Games

Sandy wants SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward to compete in the Extreme Mountain Games.
Title Card Music: Unknown/Hawaiian Trax 2nd track opening - JandS3000

144 Sandy or Pearl for Love

Eh, in my opinion Sponge never liked pearl? It would be a bad idea for an episode to be honest.

SpongeBob has been hiding a secret crush for a couple of years now, and he has decided to act on his feelings, but new feelings blossom in him for someone else as well. Why does love have to be so difficult? He has a choice ether (Sandy or Pearl)
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 11 - JandS3000

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145 The Epic Adventure

SpongeBob never imagined that he would be the only hope of a town that just viewed him and Patrick as a kid and nothing else from Plankton who has done the impossible and gotten the formula in the future. Now SpongeBob and Patrick will go on a life changing adventure in which they will save lives, get a priceless treasure, and discover themselves in the process.
Title Card Music: Dramatic Impact 2 - JandS3000

146 Smooth Relaxation

SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and all the other characters have discovered a new beach which is Super Awesome and Amazing and They all want to spend time there more often so they all move their houses more closer to the beach. And They have a wonderful Time ever since.
Title Card Music:Dancing the Hula - JandS3000

147 Quest for the Crystal Trident

A mermaid princess, a hybrid squirrel, a rocker squid, her jazz-loving twin brother, and a naive sea star are unknowingly qualified to be the bearers of the legendary Crystal Trident, a weapon known to spread purity throughout the seven seas, as an evil threat puts their home in great jeopardy.
Title Card Music:Steel Sting (a) - JandS3000

148 Squidward's Wonderful Dream

Squidward been having strange dreams lately, but now Squidward is trapped in one where everything is going right for him. And He wishes That He Could never leave his wonderful Dream so Squidward starts always sleeping everyday. But he needs to wake up soon.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 7th Track - JandS3000

149 Love can cure anything no matter what it is
150 SpongebobWildhawk

SpongeBob meets PositronWildhawk and together they Can Save the World by their name SpongeBobWildhawk.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 5th Track - JandS3000

151 Britgirl Meets SpongeBob

SpongeBob meets Britgirl and together they visit Great Britain, listening to Jazz Music, dancing, Discover Love, Looking up the TopTens and Many More.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 14 - JandS3000

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152 Future Dream

It's Thinking about the future day and everyone in bikini bottom have to write something about what they want to do in the future and SpongeBob wanted to Have his own restaurant with Flora and all his friends working as well. Everything they want they would get so In the Future (10 years later) it happened.
Title Card Music:Solo Steel - JandS3000

153 Plankton's Final Attempt (30 Minute Episode)
154 Trying to Remember

SpongeBob and Sandy lost a very important person to them their Cute daughter Flora she's been missing for over a year when she returns back home she remembers nothing or anyone not even her friends and Flora only has 4 months to regain her Memory again but when Man ray has been haunting her since she was a baby it starts to cause more problems.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 5th Track
NOTE: This Episode would be Paired to The Big Happy Family. This is Created in April 1 2006. - JandS3000

155 The Big Happy Family

It is Seven Years into the Future and SpongeBob and Sandy moved out from their old houses into a New Nice Pineapple Family Home in a Nearby Town near Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob, Flora and Sandy are a One Big Happy Family, SpongeBob as the Father, Sandy is the Mother and Flora as the Beautiful Daughter. Normally SpongeBob goes to Work and Hanging out with Friends Sandy takes Flora to school and Looks after her and Flora likes nature! Flora is Now 10 Years Old and she is the cleverest Girl in her class. Patrick Also left the Neighbourhood to be closer to SpongeBob's House so Squidward Dream of Patrick and SpongeBob moving out of the Neighbourhood has come True so Squidward can do everything he wanted to do. Ever Since, SpongeBob, Sandy and Flora have been a Big Happy Family, SpongeBob showed Flora the Krusty Krab and Showed Her to all of his Friends and sandy Done the same as well. Title Card Music:Happy Sponge Chase Vibres
NOTE: This Episode would be the Sevenieth last Episode Ever ...more - JandS3000

156 The Wonderful Successful Tape

SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and the others watch their nice cute successful 9 minute long tape they all made to help calm Flora down whilst she is doing her exams at home.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Hula/Hawaiian Sting (Opening to SpongeBob's Nice Pineapple House)
NOTE: 9 minutes out of 11 of the episode is seeing the wonderful tape they created. You'll Love it. Better than any Cartoon Episode which involves an Tape. This is Created in September 2006. - JandS3000

157 The Ultimate Showdown

Squidward Opens Up a Show and whoever wins gets 5,000,000 Dollars.
Title Card Music:Unknown
NOTE: This is Before Flora is Appeared
This is Created in November 25, 2011 - JandS3000

158 A Square Adventure

Spongbob and Gary are no longer wanted. Where will they go? What will happen to the characters, when there is no one to stop them?
Title Card Music:The Drunken Sailor / This is Created in November 24, 2006 - JandS3000

159 Flora's Days at Patrick's

As Sandy have left it's is only SpongeBob and Flora at the House and SpongeBob needs to spend more time with her But he can't all the time so when it's work days he asked Patrick or Squidward to take care of her but Squidward didn't agree so He want to Patrick and he agreed. After Couple days Flora and Patrick actually like hanging out with each other because now they both can do whatever they like to do like, Explore Nature, Going to the Krusty Krab and many more.
Title Card Music:Alekoki/This is Created in July 18, 2006. - JandS3000

160 Trying to Get His Driver License Again

SpongeBob wants to earn a driver's license. But However, it won't be easy since he has to pass the exam first. How far will he go to pass the test?
Title Card Music: Horlepiep
This is Created in March 6, 2008 - JandS3000

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