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161 Niceness Doesn't Go to War

When Man Ray and The Dirty Bubble found out about Flora being SpongeBob's Daughter They Started to pick on her whilst SpongeBob is at Work. But One day SpongeBob Caught Man Ray and Dirty Bubble bullying Flora, He really hated that so they went to the beach and started a war Flora and SpongeBob vs Man Ray and Dirty Bubble. It is Just like Sand Castles in the Ground but Better and worth watching. SpongeBob launched a SandBomb and Man Ray launched an Sandlaser it was an hard battle but SpongeBob and Flora won. At the End, SpongeBob and Flora are having wonderful time at the beach swimming, playing, Cooking Krab by Patty's and More. Title Card Music:Twelfth Street Rag This is Created in January 15, 2007 - JandS3000

162 Randomness Challenge

Mr Krabs Hosts an Random Contest to test which employee can do more random stuff and whoever employee wins (SpongeBob or Squidward) would have a week off doing whatever they like to do. This is a Really Funny Episode.

Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 2

NOTE:This is the Funniest and Most Random SpongeBob episode EVER. This is Created in November 16, 2006.

This Episode is made epically for Funnyuser - JandS3000

163 Trapped In a Castle

Squidward is Trapped at the top of a Castle so the Friends try and save him but It isn't Easy as the castle has different levels, and It's Guarded by EVIL.
Title Card Music:March of the Aliens. This is Created in October 31, 2006 - JandS3000

164 Looking Out for Friends

Squidward has been relaxing outside, but then something horrible happens to SpongeBob and Patrick. Normally Squidward would be happy about it but this time Squidward was SO Sad that he looked everywhere around the world for SpongeBob and Patrick.
Title Card Music:Dramatic Encounter
NOTE:This Episode is shown Before Flora had Appeared. This is Created in October 10, 2006 - JandS3000

165 Merry Christmas Everyone

It is Christmas Eve, and everybody are excited. There is no better way to spend Christmas than spending it with your friends and loved ones at the Krusty Krab, laughing, having fun, and giving the presents. Speaking of presents, Karen, Patrick and Squidward has one big surprise present for SpongeBob and Flora. What would the Present Be?. It's something they both like. You Decide.
Title Card Music:Wonderland of Snow. This is Created in December 25, 2006 - JandS3000

166 The Reason Why Jealousy Is So Strong

In This Episode we would see the background why Squidward really hates SpongeBob and Patrick.
Title Card Music:Straight from Hell. This is Created in November 11, 2005
Note: this is one of the oldest Episode created in this list and This is Before Flora is shown - JandS3000

167 Inconsequential Deleterious Supermarket

SpongeBob Opens Up an Supermarket which is at First Popular But One day Accidentally Patrick send a Embarrassing Photo of SpongeBob to Everyone in Bikini Bottom and that makes the Supermarket Unpopular but It Suddenly Becomes Really Harmful and Now They Need to Close it Down.
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Sting 3/This is Created in February 17, 2006 - JandS3000

168 Flora's True Story

Honestly, you have nice plots. Though I don't think they'd make this.

Flora is an innocent, caring, beautiful young Girl with a heart of gold. That's what everyone thinks. She is the only Person with Magic Under the sea and everyone wants to know her Background They would do anything. As Mr Krabs overheard that so he came up with "Flora Background Story" to get customers back. Everyone would hear Her Background. This would be a Worth Watching Episode You'll Love It.
Title Card Music:Alekoki/This is Created in April 14, 2006 - JandS3000

169 Something's Wrong With Squidward

After not seeing Squidward come out of his house for a week, SpongeBob decides to visit him to see what's wrong. But Actually Squidward was laying on the top of his house the whole time so they haved an Party.
This is Created in October 14, 2006 - JandS3000

170 Without You, We Would Be Nothing

In a near death experience at Squilliam's concert, Squidward is visited by an angel who shows him what life for his friends would be like without him.
This is Created in October 16, 2006 - JandS3000

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171 Artist of Bikini Bottom

Squidward gets an opportunity to enter his paintings in an art contest! But when he gets turned down, he feels absolutely worthless. Little does he know that his next door neighbor, SpongeBob, thinks he's anything but that
Title Card Music:Artist Boy Sting
This is Created in October 15, 2006 - JandS3000

172 Hitting Rock Bottom

While making a delivery, SpongeBob and Squidward's bus mistakenly crashes into the barren town of Rock Bottom. All alone, trapped in a town with nobody of their native language, how will the two be able to escape?
This is Created in January 10, 2006 - JandS3000

173 Easter Comes to Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob learns about Easter from Sandy, So He introduces it to Bikini Bottom. And Everyone loved it.
Title Card Music:Cream Pie
This is Created in April 16, 2006
NOTE: This is After Flora is Born, but it would air before Welcome to the World Flora - JandS3000

174 Best Morning Ever

Squidward only wanted a peaceful morning but It isn't going to last forever. but SpongeBob and his friends sang "Lovers" by Jackie Evancho which Changed Squidward a lot. So His Morning isn't ruined after all.
Title Card Music:Wahini Wobble
This is Created in September 1, 2006 - JandS3000

175 Be Careful What You Wish For

Squidward makes a wish after seeing a shooting star, but soon regrets the very thing he desired. What Did He Wish For?
Title Card Music:Steel Sting (b)
This is Created in January 23, 2006 - JandS3000

176 Best Holiday Ever

SpongeBob and Patrick is Going on Holiday to a Wonderful Beach whilst Squidward is Watching guard of their House. They would be Dancing, Playing, Singing, Swimming, What Could Possibly Go Wrong.
Title Card Music:Honolulu March (GDF)
This is Created in July 18, 2006 - JandS3000

177 Spongebob's Final Exam

SpongeBob and Flora are about to be homeless unless if SpongeBob passes his driving test. Will his friends save him before the last day of boating school? Will Squidward help? No. Will He Pass?
Title Card Music:SpongeBob Theme
This is Created in November 6, 2006 - JandS3000

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178 Spongebob's 4th of July

Sorry for the delay, SpongeBob been very busy When Patrick is put in charge of the nighttime fireworks show, he decides not to go with the classic, launch from ground approach, and do something different. What could possibly go wrong?
Title Card Music:Hawaiian Trax 8th Track
This is Created in July 4, 2006 - JandS3000

179 Out of Control

When the Krusty Krab explodes mysteriously, Mr. Krabs is forced to give SpongeBob a paid vacation. When him and Sandy take a road trip alone, they discover that things can get out of hand in an instant. How will this change their lives?
Title Card Music:Steel Links (c)/This is Created in January 11, 2007 - JandS3000

180 Ultimate Basketball Tournament

Mr Krabs enters SpongeBob Sandy, Patrick And Squidward into A Basketball Tournament They Are Kicking Butt But When The Championship Game Comes It Gets Harder Will They Win?
Title Card Music:Puka A
This is Created in November 29, 2005 - JandS3000

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