Top 10 SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Shouldn't Be Created


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1 More Squidward Torture Porn


2 JustinBob BieberPants

If Nickelodeon gave credit to JB and made THAT episode, everybody should watch me fall off the cliff and turn me into an American Gravestone!

I HATE Justin Biber

3 DoraBob ExplorerPants

I wanted that to air Lol

4 SpongeBob Dies

He dies and resurrects, better?

Not this episode! This should never be created.

Spongbob dies reaction in season 1, why. other season reactions, good

5 Puffy Fluffy Returns

Robbie Rotten and me will kill this ASS by singing WE ARE NUMBER ONE 1 Zillion times until he DIES!

And including RR's memes
and will force Puffy to smoke weed until he DIES! Also and endlesspainintheass!

6 A One Coarse Meal and a Pal for Gary, Who's Stuck in the Wringer and has the Splinter


A combination of One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, Stuck in the Wringer, and The Splinter. - anonygirl

7 BreadBob WinnersPants
8 A Coarse Meal Demolition Shuffleboarding Card With Choir Boys

A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, Demolition Doofus, Shuffleboarding, The Card, Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy, and Choir Boys. Bad enough for you?

9 AllenBob GregoryPants
10 SpongeBob vs. ABC vs. NBC vs. CBS vs. FOX

The Contenders

11 Pearl x Patrick

What the fish...?

12 Sexist Krabs
13 Bikini Bottom Terrorist Attacks

9/11: The SpongeBob Version - anonygirl

14 FamilyBob GuyPants
15 Gary's Death

Why Gary!?!? Him and Plankton are the two reasons why modern Spongebob was anything at all!

16 rjbarg042 in Bikini Bottom
17 Bad Farts
18 SailorBob MoonPants
19 Sanjay & SpongeBob
20 Ren & Stimpy vs. SpongeBob & Patrick
21 Mr. Krabs has a Fart Attack

Laughably Awful - JPK

22 LilBob WaynePants
23 SpongeBob Becomes a Brony

The Brony Issue Would Be Better Tackled On A Show Like South Park

I'm A Brony, But I Agree This Idea Is Awful For SpongeBob - JPK

24 Racist Sponge
25 Mrs. Puff Becomes a Lamp

Like her husband - anonygirl

26 NickiBob MinajPants
27 Squidward's Worst Nightmare

Something tells me Squidward's worst nightmare would have something to do with Spongebob pestering him, or something like that. Then again, the episode "Squid's Visit" is a nightmare enough for him.

A terrible ripoff of the Rugrats episode "Angelica's Worst Nightmare." - anonygirl

28 Spongebob Visits This List

This list makes me laugh so hard!

29 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

Not this!

30 PitBob BullPants
31 SpongeBob Dances to the Whip

If this episode is ever made I am never watching spongebob again

32 Sanjbob Squarecraig
33 Patrick Seeks Help
34 The Looney Tunes Stop By

And do what? - KalloFox34

35 Mr. Krabs has Explosive Diarrhea

Should be made

36 Sandy Gets Shot and Killed by Patrick
37 Different Way in Space
38 A Choir Meal For Sandy or Square

A combination of A Pal For Gary, Chior Boys, One Coarse Meal, Someone's In The Kicten With Sandy, and Truth or Square

39 Mega Different Way (2 Hour Episode)

Different Way is disgusting, a torture porn, out of character for the usually kind hearted citizens, and excruciating to watch. I think Different Way is not a very good name for this. It should be called "Squidward is Bikini Bottom's Public Toilet" or something.

Yuck! It's about all the characters pooping and peeing into Squidward's mouth. Very disgusting. And it's a Squidward Torture Porn.

40 A Pal For Gary 2
41 Squid Baby 2
42 Spyro Visits Bikini Bottom

If you read the title correctly, it's SpongeBob episodes that should NOT be created. Yes, I am talking about Spyro the purple dragon, Sparx, and his friends in a Spongebob Special. - anonygirl

43 The Simpsons Come to Town
44 ScoobyBob DooPants
45 Mario Pays a Visit
46 SpongeBob Loses his Virginity
47 SpongeBob meets My Little Pony

I Love Both Shows, But I Would Never Want To See This Happen

SpongeBob Isn't Owned By Hasbro

You read the title wrong. These are the Top 10 Episodes That Should NOT Be Created. - anonygirl

Even Though I Adore MLP, This Idea Still Sucks - JPK

48 SpongeBob Becomes Gassy

And farts non-stop - anonygirl

Awful - JPK

49 Patchy meets SpongeBob in Person
50 Bikini Bottom Nazis
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