Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes That Were Ruined by One Character


The Top Ten

1 A Pal For Gary - Ruined By Puffy Fluffy

Um, ruined by SpongeBob. - Joansb

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2 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful - Ruined By The Cop

Yeah, you can steal, destroy and seriously hurt people with no charge, but a real criminal offense is reading someone's diary or littering, an nudity even though your not naked! - DapperPickle

Ironically, the top two on this list were partner episodes. - Turkeyasylum

3 One Coarse Meal - Ruined By Mr. Krabs
4 All That Glitters - Ruined By Le Spatula

I actually liked this episode at first, but then Le Spatula came - PatrickStar

5 Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy - Ruined By The Cop
6 The Card - Ruined By Patrick
7 Pet Sitter Pat - Ruined By Patrick
8 The Cent Of Money - Ruined By Mr. Krabs
9 Demolition Doofus - Ruined By Mrs. Puff
10 A Whale Of A Birthday - Ruined By Mr. Krabs

Well at least it's hilarious to watch but sadly that poor whale ruined by that crab for his cheap habits. While Sponge took it so long for buying all those stuff.

Here all things:
It's A Girl (Boy)
Krabby Patty Statue
Cardboard Cake
Garbage Popcorn
Soda Dishwater
Squidward sings like Boys Who Cry but instead JB or 1D style. ( he's twerking only you twerking did'nt put on cartoons these days except nowadays like Breadwinners, PPG, TTG, etc.).

There you have it folks.
Now imagine your parents ruined your birthday like the way Mr. Krabs did to Pearl.

Now Sponge have one thing:
Boys Who Cry

The Contenders

11 Pet or Pests - Ruined By Larry
12 Dumped - Ruined By Patrick

Technically, Patrick STOLE Gary, so SpongeBob should have called the cops

13 Gary Takes a Bath - Ruined By Subliminal Message Girl

That girl is creepy. - ToptenPizza

14 Kenny the Cat - Ruined By Sandy
15 Big Sister Sam - Ruined By Sam
16 Naughty Nautical Neighbors - Ruined by Squidward
17 A Pal for Gary - Ruined by SpongeBob
18 Yours, Mine and Mine - Ruined by Patrick
19 The Fish Bowl - Ruined by Patrick and Sandy
20 The Splinter - Ruined by Patrick
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