Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes Where Squidward Gets Injured


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1 The Camping Episode

This is one of my favorite episode. Thumbs up if this is your favorite too - JaysTop10List

This episode is awesome, and unlike some modern episodes, Squidward deserves to be mauled by the bear, which sounds bad at first, but SB and Patrick told Squidward what NOT to do, but he does it anyway. Also, the mauling scene is unbelievably funny.

Awesome episode. I love the Campfire Song Song. - Garythesnail

Poor Squidward. They need to stop torturing him every time he tries to prove a point.

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2 Slide Whistle Stooges

Yeah! Slide whistles are awesome! - funnyuser

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3 Shanghaid
4 Dying For Pie

Kinda dark, but then again that's just black comedy.

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5 Jellyfishing

I think this should be number one because Squidward was in a full body cast and couldn't even talk and in the end, he was confined to a wheelbed on a life support machine. In which, he was more disabled than Mrs. Puff was in Demolition Doofus. - Murvine_Taylor

Number 1. He has to go to hospital 8 times. - lizard302

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6 Boating Buddies

This list is not about how good the episodes are, its about how injured he gets. The Camping Episode is his worst injury in my opinion. - bobbythebrony

The only part of this episode I like is the "Chocolate Rain" reference. - Garythesnail

Oh, I gotcha. Still a terrible episode though. - Puga

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7 The Two Faces of Squidward V 1 Comment
8 Breath of Fresh Squidward
9 Pineapple Fever V 1 Comment
10 The Splinter

Squidward injures himself with Krabs cash register - bobbythebrony

This episode SpongeBob gets injured not squidward

This doesn't belong here

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11 The Lost Mattress
12 Tentacle-Vision
13 Squid Baby

He banged his head not once, but twice. - Minecraftcrazy530

14 My Pretty Seahorse
15 Just One Bite
16 SquidBob TentaclePants
17 House Fancy

Seriously, why isn't this scene in the top 10? That one scene completely marks itself as Squidwards most painfully injured moment.

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18 Lost in Bikini Bottom
19 Skill Crane
20 Giant Squidward
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