Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Scenes In Which You Feel Sorry for a Character

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The Top Ten SpongeBob SquarePants Scenes In Which You Feel Sorry for a Character

1 One Coarse Meal - Plankton Is Driven To Suicide - Plankton
2 A Pal For Gary - "Gary Put Puffy Fluffy Down This Instant" - Gary

"Elle Brady, put Godzilla down this instant! "

I like SpongeBob but he can be a huge dick towards Gary sometimes. Very deserves better.

3 Stuck in the Wringer - The whole episode except the ending - SpongeBob

Patrick Star is such a dick!

Patrick literally drove his friend into crippling depression due to his stupidity, and its kind of sad to see him finally realize its all his fault.

It's so bad. - PatrickStar3

4 SpongeBob You're Fired - Mr Krabs fires SpongeBob over a nickel - SpongeBob


5 Pre-Hibernation Week - Filler Part - SpongeBob
6 Clams - The one scene where Mr Krabs One Millionth Dollar is Eaten by giant clam (not including the crying scene) - Mr Krabs
7 All of the Squidward Torture Porn Episodes - Patrick and SpongeBob destroy Squidwards day - Squidward
8 Bubble Trouble - Bubbles destroy Sandy's air tank - Sandy
9 All episodes in which Fred's voice is heard - When Fred yells MY LEG! - Fred

This is actually horrible and not a laughing matter when you consider what could have happened to his leg. - Joansb

Poor fred - PatrickStar3

10 Squirrel Jokes - SpongeBob uses squirrel jokes for comedy - Sandy

The squirrel jokes may be funny, but I feel very sorry for Sandy.

The Contenders

11 Dumped and Patrick SmartPants - SpongeBob's Depression - SpongeBob
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