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41 The Chaperone

"Well, first you take your leg and you stick it in the air, And then you take the other one and jam it right up there, You twist yourself around and give a great big lunge, Now you're doing The Sponge."

I have to dance this! - Catacorn

Do the Sponge!


"Many teens have died tonight doing a dance called the sponge..."

This one is DEAD LAST. I hate this one. SO BORING! - Goatworlds

This should be no. 1! 43 is insulting :(

42 Halloween

"Halloween" is not the title! - Goatworlds

This Is Called "Scaredy Pants, not Halloween - ChiefMudkip

43 Squeaky Boots

Horrible episode, but not terrible. Don't recommend it

The only downside of this episode is the sound of the boots! AAAaAaaAaAaaAaa! - DapperPickle

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44 I Was a Teenage Gary

Honestly, this is a not a very good episode, everything that the fact that the plot is all over the place from Squidward babysitting while Patrick is away to SpongeBob as a snail to that ending where they're singing. The plot is all over the place, there aren't too many good jokes, and has a really awkward ending to it. It's just not funny, it's a weak episode, and I don't even get what SpongeBob wants from Squidward. Is he trying to haunt him? Is there something wrong with him? I don't even get the character's motivation. I get that they had an episode going along with the Halloween episode "Scaredy Pants", but this is just not good.

This episode is awesome and creepy!

The worst pre movie spongebob episode it's creepy who thought this was a good idea it felt more like a post movie spongebob - Linc

What? last place? this at least should be in the top 5.this the most underrated episode in the whole show

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