Top Ten Best SpongeBob SquarePants Season 10 Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Krusty Katering

Plot is messed up like you don’t know the episode and this is why this episode is not my favorite - Spongebob12

2 Mermaid Pants Mermaid Pants

This is tie with snooze you lose but I voted this because this better than the opponent Krusty katering - Spongebob12

This is probably the funniest episode - kmitch233

3 Burst Your Bubble
4 Mimic Madness

Why isn't this #1?! - Tyler730

5 Spongebob's Place
6 Life Insurance

It is funny

7 Unreal Estate
8 Code Yellow
9 Whirly Brains Whirly Brains
10 Trident Trouble

The Contenders

11 Snooze You Lose
12 Plankton Retires
13 House Worming

This episode is just a terrible version of Jellyfish Jam. Also, a Spongebob episode should never have a separate segment for a character that was never seen in the show before. I'm not surprised that this was written by the person who wrote A Pal For Gary and Pet Sitter Pat. - bigbubba2001

14 Out of the Picture

They finally brought back Rock Bottom! - bigbubba2001

15 The Getaway
16 Sportz?

Actually thought was gonna be better instead it has a season 7 plot which makes it so boring - Spongebob12

17 Plankton Gets the Boot

This episode is bad because it was just plankton abuse. It should have been titled and be Mr. Krabs Gets the Boot

18 Feral Friends

Should be WAY higher! - PowerKamek

19 Don't Wake Patrick
20 Lost and Found
21 Patrick's Coupon
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