Top Ten Best SpongeBob SquarePants Season 10 Episodes


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1 Krusty Katering

This one was pretty funny. - KalloFox34

Even thought modern spongebob gets more hate than any other modern show I know of,this episode showed signs of the shows improvement of quality and ideas - Flutters-

A new Krusty Towers Episode

This one had plenty of interesting parts especially the ending - PageEmperor

2 Mermaid Pants Mermaid Pants

How would I discribe this episode? Imagine a episode of batman 66 but in the sponge Bob universe and with the sponge Bob chaercters playing all the roles. I think that dissertation alone can easily explain why this episode is so amazing.

Is legend of boo kini bottom a season 10 special

This is probably the funniest episode - kmitch233

3 Burst Your Bubble
4 Mimic Madness

This is an amazing episode, and definitely the best to the season, and in the top 5 best of post-sequel Spongebob (Seasons 9-12) in general.

This one's good enough

This episode gave me faith in spongebob again.

I like this song

5 Spongebob's Place

I did not mean to put that comment Mimic Madness is the best and Spongebobs place is garbage - Thepassingzone

6 Life Insurance

I like it

It is funny

7 Unreal Estate

Best. Best.

8 Code Yellow
9 Out of the Picture

Well, it's not the best episode of season 10, but I still love Rock Bottom, the characters are back in this episode, the only part that I liked in this episode. I still think Rock Bottom was funny.

They finally brought back Rock Bottom! - bigbubba2001

10 Trident Trouble

The Contenders

11 Whirly Brains Whirly Brains

Too weird - Thepassingzone

12 Snooze You Lose

It was a decent episode. - KalloFox34

Don't hate it just find it mediocre

13 Plankton Retires
14 The Getaway

Why is it on 14? It should be #1

This is a great episode. It is funny, the pacing is GREAT (the pacing and comedy are mostly problems with modern SpongeBob, this episode has both), and it's really enjoyable to watch. Plankton Retires and SpongeBob's Place are also really underrated in my opinion, while Mimic Madness and Mermaid Pants are overrated in my opinion, I find them meh. Krusty Katering is great, Burst Your Bubble is meh, Life Insurance is also meh, Unreal Estate and Code Yellow are great, Out of the Picture, Trident Trouble, Whirly Brains and Snooze You Lose suck, Sportz is meh, Feral Friends is great, Plankton Gets The Boot is meh, The Incredible Shrinking Sponge sucks, Don't Wake Patrick is great, Patrick's Coupon is meh, House Worming sucks and Lost and Found is meh.

15 Sportz?

Actually thought was gonna be better instead it has a season 7 plot which makes it so boring - Spongebob12

16 Feral Friends

The cast turn into realistic versions of themselves. Interesting concept for an episode, worth my time. - PageEmperor

Should be WAY higher! - PowerKamek

17 Plankton Gets the Boot

This episode is bad because it was just plankton abuse. It should have been titled and be Mr. Krabs Gets the Boot

18 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge
19 Don't Wake Patrick

I love it

20 Patrick's Coupon
21 House Worming

I don't really like this episode or code yellow there mediocre

I hate this episode! - ElephantEric

This episode is just a terrible version of Jellyfish Jam. Also, a Spongebob episode should never have a separate segment for a character that was never seen in the show before. I'm not surprised that this was written by the person who wrote A Pal For Gary and Pet Sitter Pat. - bigbubba2001

22 Lost and Found
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