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1 Plankton's Pet

Adorable episode. The main amazement of the episode is plankton is not trying to steal the formula with some stupid plan. One problem is Spot is not in other episodes.

Most People Considerate This The Best Season 9 Episode And I 100 Present Agree It A Lovely Episode The Story Is Great Spot Is Adorable Plankton Is At His Best And It An Fun And Charming Episode

This is the Best Modern Spongebob episode, Wait oh Yeah Its just My Opinion - ChiefMudkip

The Best Episode Of Post Movie Spongebob Episode and The Best Season 9 Episode This Episode Is Adorable There Have Been Many Great Episodes In Season 9 But This Has Got To Be My Favourite In This Episode Plankton Gets A New Pet [As The Title Sagest's] His Name Is Spot And Even At His Most Giddy Plankton Always Stays Loyal To Him And That's The Best Thing About This Episode He's Not Upsizing Over The Crabby Patty Formula In Any Other Plankton Episode He Would Try To Steal The Krabby Patty Formula Sheer Sometimes It's Not The Focus Egvaples Being Single Cell Anniversary Or Walking Small And There Also Good Plankton Episodes That Focus Around This Plot Adcaples Fear Of A Krabby Patty, Plankton's Army and Krabs A La Mode But Here He Doesn't Even Care And It's Refreshing To See Plankton So Caring To Somebody I Think The Last Time I Saw That Was In Single Cell Anniversary And Now This Is Not A Criticism To The Episode So While It Really Sounded Like He Cared About Her Egspesuley In The Song ...more

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2 Patrick! The Game

Patrick is so FUNNY! Patrick: You can get out of jail if you roll a 6. (Squidward holding dice) Patrick: YOU can't ROLL WHEN YOUR IN JAIL! Squidward: Then how am I supposed to get out of jail if I can't roll a dice? (Patrick writes down new rule) Patrick: You can only get out of jail if someone says your name.

This episode is good. Though if you consider this bad I totally wouldn't argue with you.

Hilarious episode!

It was really good!

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3 Patrick Man

Is that spongebob with 2 sevens

The second most creative episode since Sandcastles in the sand. - errrr

The Best Season 9 episode so far. - toy

I've always liked superhero parodies.

4 Jailbreak

With an exclamation point.
Anyway, this episode was awesome. - SuperNut98

5 License to Milkshake

I like this one - lolingdog9000

Underrated, But Decent - ChiefMudkip

Because it makes me crave Milkshakes every time I see this episode back then

6 Eek, an Urchin!

To me it had an old episode feeling to it.

Underrated, But This Was Awesome - ChiefMudkip

7 Don't Look Now

I like this episode. This and Plankton's Pet are my favorites from the season.

8 Gary's New Toy

Honestly, Season 9 has been stepping up its game with episodes like this, Patrick-Man, and Plankton's Pet.

This Episode Is Kinda Like Gary's Payback On Spongebob For how Spongebob treated him in A Pal For Gary - ChiefMudkip

I don't really like this episode, but I like the part where the nematode takes his wallet.

9 Safe Deposit Krabs

This Should Be In Top 5 - ChiefMudkip

10 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

This is terrific. Should be in the top 10. - SuperNut98

Definitely deserves to be #1

It Was Great Seeing Spongebob & Squidward Woking Together Again Back in Pizza Delivery - ChiefMudkip

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11 Bumper to Bumper

Such an underrated episode. - SuperNut98

12 Extreme Sports
13 Squid Baby

Why is this here? This episode is horrible! - SuperNut98

Squidward gets torched for absalodly no reason!

Child Abuse - ChiefMudkip

14 Squirrel Record

Too high on this list... - Alien51

15 The Whole Tooth

I loved this new episode.

This episode was Amazing, The relatability of this episode could rival ROLLER COWARDS! Way to End Season 9 Writers =D - ChiefMudkip

16 Seance Shmeance

Solid episode. - Alien51

WHATT!?!? this is way better than spongebob,you're fired and squid baby

17 Evil Spatula

A GOOD Rip-Off of a BAD Episode - ChiefMudkip

Not really a rip-off, but this episode is definitely great. - SuperNut98

18 Lost in Bikini Bottom

Best by far in a awesome season

I'm happy this has at least 2% on it. all these episodes where great(most though <cough> squid<cough> baby).but this was the best by far

19 Lame and Fortune

Pretty Underrated episode honestly. - ShadowKnight

I hate this episode

Best of Season 9. - Alien51

20 It Came From Goo Lagoon
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