Best SpongeBob SquarePants Season 9 Episodes


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1 Plankton's Pet

Adorable episode. The main amazement of the episode is plankton is not trying to steal the formula with some stupid plan. One problem is Spot is not in other episodes.

I loved this. Better than its sequel to be honest. This episode had Plankton not trying to get the formula for once (except in the beginning). The sequel had Plankton using Spot's puppies (why is it named "Spot Returns") to get the formula, kinda generic. This deserves to be #1.

My favorite season 9 episodes:
5: Sold!
4: The Executive Treatment
3: Licence to Milkshake
2: Jailbreak!
1: Plankton's Pet
Remember this is only my silly little opinion so don't get triggered reading this list. - PokemonRPGbro

My fave 9a eps would be
5: it came from goo lagoon
4: jailbreak!
3: safe deposit krabs
2: Patrick man!
1: plankton pet
5:pineapple invasion
4: what's Eating Patrick
3: the sewers of BB
2: Patrick the game 1: sharks vrs pods
Season 9 as a whole
7: sold!
6:Pineapple invasion
5: what's eating Patrick
4: the sewers of BB
3: Patrick the game!
2: sharks vrs pods
1: planktons pet only 1 9a episode here

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2 Patrick! The Game

Patrick is so FUNNY! Patrick: You can get out of jail if you roll a 6. (Squidward holding dice) Patrick: YOU can't ROLL WHEN YOUR IN JAIL! Squidward: Then how am I supposed to get out of jail if I can't roll a dice? (Patrick writes down new rule) Patrick: You can only get out of jail if someone says your name.

How is this good?
Squidward is misfairly treated...
Patrick is a prick...
Spongebob is doing absolutely NOTHING to stop patrick from being... IDIOTIC...
And I would forgive all of that if squidward won in the end, but NO! Patrick DOESN'T gat what he deserves, as if the lesson of the episode was: be a jerk, and you'll succeed.
NO. Replace this spot with a GOOD episode, like licence to milkshake, or Jailbreak! - PokemonRPGbro

This episode is good. Though if you consider this bad I totally wouldn't argue with you.

One of the rare times Squidward deserved the torture.

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3 Patrick Man

Is that spongebob with 2 sevens

The second most creative episode since Sandcastles in the sand. - errrr

The Best Season 9 episode so far. - toy

I've always liked superhero parodies.

4 Don't Look Now

I like this episode. This and Plankton's Pet are my favorites from the season.

5 Bumper to Bumper

Such an underrated episode. - SuperNut98

I like everything about this episode except for the ENDING! Here are some bad things about the ending. Number 1: It rips off Nautical Novice's ending. Number 2: Both episodes' endings are horrible. Just when you think SB is about to get his license and you start being like, "YAAY! " Something happens and the license gets ripped to shreds. Maybe you should give SB a chance here, writers. :(

6 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

Sewer, sewer, cha cha cha! Sewer, sewer, cha cha cha!

It Was Great Seeing Spongebob & Squidward Woking Together Again Back in Pizza Delivery - ChiefMudkip

This is terrific. Should be in the top 10. - SuperNut98

I love this episode.

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7 Jailbreak

With an exclamation point.
Anyway, this episode was awesome. - SuperNut98

8 License to Milkshake

I like this one - lolingdog9000

Underrated, But Decent - ChiefMudkip

Because it makes me crave Milkshakes every time I see this episode back then

9 Eek, an Urchin!

To me it had an old episode feeling to it.

So funny. It came from goo lagoon can go to wash my dirty clothes

Underrated, But This Was Awesome - ChiefMudkip

Really interesting to see 4 characters vs one little bug

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10 Safe Deposit Krabs

This Should Be In Top 5 - ChiefMudkip

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? Extreme Spots

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11 It Came From Goo Lagoon

Title is KINDA misleading. There was no monster coming from Goo Lagoon, it was some stupid purple bubble Plankton was controlling.

12 Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

This list is actually stupid. Spacebob Invader pants doesn't exist, SpongeBob You're Fired is on 21 instead of the last place, Company Picnic is on here 3 times, and some of the best (Sandy's Nutmare, Bulletin Board and Pineapple Invasion) are around 40th place. However, this is still the best S9 episode although it has a little bit of filler, but it has great jokes and a great plot.

It should be #1 how it isn't?

WHY IS THIS ON 30? It's the best!

13 Gary's New Toy

Honestly, Season 9 has been stepping up its game with episodes like this, Patrick-Man, and Plankton's Pet.

This Episode Is Kinda Like Gary's Payback On Spongebob For how Spongebob treated him in A Pal For Gary - ChiefMudkip

I don't really like this episode, but I like the part where the nematode takes his wallet.

14 Evil Spatula

A GOOD Rip-Off of a BAD Episode - ChiefMudkip

Not really a rip-off, but this episode is definitely great. - SuperNut98

This is a sequel of All That Glitters, but it's better than that episode.

This is a good rendition of a godawful episode.

15 Seance Shmeance

Solid episode. - Alien51

WHATT!?!? this is way better than spongebob,you're fired and squid baby

16 Extreme Sports
17 The Executive Treatment

In my opinion, this episode is really awful.

Okay, that's fine. But I thought this episode was hilarious.a - SuperNut98

18 What's Eating Patrick?
19 Lame and Fortune

Pretty Underrated episode honestly. - ShadowKnight

I hate this episode

Best of Season 9. - Alien51

20 Larry's Gym

I really love this episode. - Account

21 Sold!

One of the best episodes of Season 9 in my opinion.

Hilarious Episode

Has this one come out yet?

Somehow, Spongebob is a German native speaker. I'm impressed!

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22 The Whole Tooth

I loved this new episode.

This episode was Amazing, The relatability of this episode could rival ROLLER COWARDS! Way to End Season 9 Writers =D - ChiefMudkip

23 Lost in Bikini Bottom

Best by far in a awesome season

I'm happy this has at least 2% on it. all these episodes where great(most though <cough> squid<cough> baby).but this was the best by far

24 Tutor Sauce

This episode added something new to the same old boating school plot, which I really enjoyed. I loved the tactics Mr. Krabs used when attempting to teach SpongeBob how to drive. His teaching style differentiated from Mrs. Puff, making the episode feel really fresh. Also, there was a lot of good gags like how SpongeBob kept on crashing into the Krusty Krab in the most creative ways. Additionally, I liked Jeffery the Jellyfish's cameo in the background, and the ending of this episode was a nice touch as well. - Mitchell_Dietz

This episode deserves to be in Top 10! It was a very good and innovative episode! SpongeBob is not only at his best here, but both Mr. Krabs and Pearl have improved in this episode too!

Squidward is still flanderized here, but that's a minor flaw. - Svampbob164

I Haven't Seen this Episode yet - ChiefMudkip

25 Squirrel Record

Too high on this list... - Alien51

Now this is a SB torture porn every scene he gets tortued

26 Squid Baby Squid Baby

Why is this here? This episode is horrible! - SuperNut98

This episode is really funny and my favorite of season 9. This isn't a joke. People are wayyy overreacting about this episode in my opinion. - spongee1777

Squidward gets torched for absalodly no reason!

Child Abuse - ChiefMudkip

27 Pineapple Invasion

Why is it on 38? It's amazing and very funny, should be #1!

I laughed so hard at this episode

This episode should be #1 - Worksponge

28 Sharks vs Pods

Way better than Patrick: The Game and has a sweet dance-off scene. - Synchronocity

Johney noo!

Why's this so low? I love this episode😃 Slovenian thinks he's so cool😎 And not to mention when the sharks say Johnny no! I love the dances at the end

29 Snail Mail

Criminally Underrated. - Alien51

30 Squid Plus One

It's Passable in my opinion

31 Mall Girl Pearl

This is my favorite modern Spongebob episode ever. It has a great moral, several cool references, and Pearl was amazing.

This should be at top. This episode is so funny!

I actually hate this episode. Granny power? Really?

32 Yeti Krabs
33 Kenny the Cat

Kenny Looks Stupid - ChiefMudkip

Mediocre - epictoonsfan1

34 Sanctuary

Kinda Creepy


35 CopyBob DittoPants

A really good episode with one of the best plots in SpongeBob history. - JThrill


36 Pull Up a Barrel

This is one of the few season 9 episodes that I like.

37 Bulletin Board Bulletin Board

In my opinion, this is the absolute best episode to ever come out of Season 9. It's commentary about online forum boards like Tumblr or 4chan is really top quality here. - OnyxDash

Crisis Adverted more like Crisis Dumb-blurted
- P-Star7

38 Two Thumbs Down

This episode is AMAZING! I love it!

What an underrated episode

39 SpongeBob LongPants

Some of this episode annoys me but I do like the ending and "The Table" is funny. 6/10, in my opinion.

40 Food Con Castaways


41 SpongeBob, You're Fired

Do you know what's strange? 22 episodes are below this one. It should be in LAST place!

This is one of the WORST episodes EVER. What the hell is it doing up here?!?!

Anyone can put terrible episode on these lists. - SuperNut98

Really good episode so underrated

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42 The Fishbowl

Hate it. I hate this episode. I hate it with the strongest hate ever. THIS is my least favorite spongebob episode, period. It has SO many just downright WRONG things in it. Number one: Patrick. Here is where we see patrick at his Yours, Mine and Mine stage. He is an idiot to the point of being a jerk, bully, and a complete dimwit. Once sandy tells patrick he is in charge... DISASTER HAPPENS. Patrick starts off by telling spongebob what to do, but then he legit COMMANDS spongebob to count EVERY GRAIN OF SAND in a sand jar that sandy gave them. Hello? SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BEST FRIENDS! What kills me is that Patrick is capable to be mean to SpongeBob for things that ISN'T EVEN A BIG DEAL, like in The Secret Box. BUT, when patrick is straight up BULLYING SpongeBob, he doesn't even TRY to stand up for himself until the end. Sorry, fishbowl, but I don't thing that any of that is "amusing."
2: Squidward torture porn. This episode is so mean spirited to squidward! Dang ...more - PokemonRPGbro

This episode was actually pretty good. There was a fight between sponge bob and Patrick in this but it doesn't go crazy and it gets stopped. There is a little Squidward torture though. However this episode is much better than SpongeBob Longpants.

This is the worst episode after the second movie in my opinion. - SuperNut98

Patrick is unbearable in this episode

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43 Mutiny On The Krusty Mutiny On The Krusty

For the people who don't like this episode, it says in the description of the episode, "An insane Mr. Krabs must guide his employees and customers back home." See? Insane! That means that maybe this wouldn't be how Mr. Krabs would act if he weren't so cranky in this episode.

44 Company Picnic; Pull Up a Barrel

My favorite episode of the series in my opinion.

Pull up a barrel is by far the best

45 Married to Money
46 Salsa Imbecilicus Salsa Imbecilicus
47 Little Yellow Book


I like this episode it does not deserve the hate

48 Squid Defense
49 Dueling Picnics

I'm pretty sure it's called Company Picnic.

Its called company picnac - PokemonRPGbro

50 Krabs Army

This Isn't an Episode - ChiefMudkip

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