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1 Lego Spongebob the Video Game

They seriously need to make a Lego SpongeBob Video Game. It would be so awesome. We could probably rate it on amazon.com to 5 out of 5 stars. It can also be rated E for everyone 8 and up. They could make it for the Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and the old Xbox. That would be so awesome! I would prefer to buy the Xbox 360 version. The game could be about numerous episodes of SpongeBob where you have to do an adventure, and an option where you can walk around free ( sort of like freeform mode. ) Another one that I thought could be when You can build whatever you want too and just have fun in this game! Here are all the characters (they are the characters in order in which you could play in the game first) and special powers you could use with them:

SpongeBob: Regular builder, special powers: Stretch, Karate Chop, and Punch.

Patrick: Regular builder, special powers: Stinkyness, Teeth, and Sitting.

Squidward: Pro Builder, special powers: Police, bulldoze, and ...more - TopTenJackson

It will be one of the greatest Lego video games and SpongeBob video games.

I'm going to tell somebody to make a Lego SpongeBob video game for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox, and many more!

2 Battle for Bikini Bottom 2

I agree there should be a second Battle for Bikini Bottom but don't get your hopes too high as it never will be as good as the original but it will be good - 12ogdenj

Its gonna be the best sequel ever

Yes! YES! YES! YES! This game definitely deserves to be made. The orginal is one of my favorite platformers ever. - dudesterravensfan

This game is pure life

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3 SpongeBob Kills Sanjay and Craig

You pinche them as SpongeBob

4 The Mad Snail Disease Video Game
5 Spongebob Rock Band

The songs will be save jellfish fields, wishing well, back in texas, theme song, goofy goober song, F.U. N song, campfire song song, under water sun.

6 The Fry Cook Games
7 SpongeBob vs the Mayo-Hating Jellyfish
8 World of Spongecraft V 1 Comment
9 Nicktoons Globs of Doom 2

The first one is awesome so mabye they could make another one with new shows that should be T.U.F.F. puppy, planet sheen, fanboy and chum chum, back at the barn yard, power rangers samurai, wolverine and the x men, the penquins of Madagascar, and kung fu panda legends of awesomeness.

10 Spongebob Kart V 2 Comments

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11 Sponge Fu
12 How Spongebob Saves the Krusty Krab

It could be about SpongeBob telling a story about how he save the krusty Krab.

13 Krusty Krab
14 Jailbreak
15 The Karate Squid
16 Spongebob Best Day Ever
17 Spongebob Secret Krabby Patty
18 Spongebob the Dark Knight

Parody of the black knight
Dunn dunn dunn bat sponge dadadadada - idontknow

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19 Spongebob Wars
20 Sponge of War V 2 Comments
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