Top Ten SpongeBob and Winx Club Characters Pairs Which Would Be Great If They Had Their Own Show

The Top Ten

1 Spongebob and Bloom

Favourite characters from both shows =)

Why aren't any Specialists on here? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Pearl and Stella
3 Spongebob and Flora
4 Squidward and Musa

They were intrested in music

5 Sandy and Flora
6 Patrick and Bloom
7 Sandy and Tecna
8 Gary and Roxy
9 Spongebob and Daphne
10 Plankton and Tecna

The Contenders

11 Karen and Tecna
12 Plankton and Icy
13 Squidward and Bloom
14 Gary and Flora
15 Sandy and Stella
16 Krabs and Aisha
17 Squidward and Stella
18 Sandy and Musa
19 Justin and Larry
20 Krabs and Diaspro
21 Patrick and Stella

This is going to be so funny!

22 Plankton and Lord Darkar
23 Squidward and Sky
24 Patrick and Timmy
25 Krabs and Icy
26 Plankton and Darcy
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