Best SpongeBob YTPs

The SpongeBob YouTube Poops are hands down, the funniest YTPs I have ever seen. They are so obnoxiously funny that I want to make a play about them. Also why not mention them on this site? Also, watch these on YouTube, they're awesome! ENJOY! Oh, and I mentioned my favorite quote from each YTP.

The Top Ten

1 Spongebills Homosexual Christmas

I have no quote for this one, THIS IS THE BEST YTP, I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER!

2 SpongeBob Gets Kidnapped by a Rapist

All of the lines are funny.

3 SpongeBob Can't Get Into the Gay Club
4 The Nasty Bagel

Alright, SpongeBob. Take that "shovel" and stick it UP YOUR ASS!

5 Postponement
6 SpongeBob and Ganon Sell Mineral Water
7 Bubble Buddy Slaughters His Victims Without Pity or Remorse

"I LOVE BUBBLE BUTT! Laugh out loud! "

8 Flatts the Rapist
9 Spongebob Rick Rolls the Krusty Ass


10 Dying to Lie

The Contenders

11 Squidward Hates Crap Patties

"You don't like crap? HEY EVERYONE, TONIGHT, WE DIE IN HE-! "

12 Spongebob and Patrick sell poop
13 Skellington's Revenge

Hilarious crossover and 1 of the best YouTube poops ever, all hail mobrostudios

14 Squidward Gets Possesed by a Bad Lemon
15 Deliver Us

This YTP is one of the best I've ever seen.
I'm not even joking. - Rocko

16 Spingebill's Box Fantasy

I still laugh at Patrick saying in a distorted voice "Let's play Minecraft". - Rocko

17 Sex Joke event horizon
18 Spingebill hosts an orgy
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