Best SpongeBob YTPs

The SpongeBob YouTube Poops are hands down, the funniest YTPs I have ever seen. They are so obnoxiously funny that I want to make a play about them. Also why not mention them on this site? Also, watch these on YouTube, they're awesome! ENJOY! Oh, and I mentioned my favorite quote from each YTP.

The Top Ten

1 Spongebills Homosexual Christmas

I have no quote for this one, THIS IS THE BEST YTP, I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER!

2 SpongeBob Gets Kidnapped by a Rapist

All of the lines are funny.

3 SpongeBob Can't Get Into the Gay Club
4 The Nasty Bagel

Alright, SpongeBob. Take that "shovel" and stick it UP YOUR ASS!

5 Postponement
6 SpongeBob and Ganon Sell Mineral Water
7 Bubble Buddy Slaughters His Victims Without Pity or Remorse

"I LOVE BUBBLE BUTT! Laugh out loud! "

8 Sex Joke event horizon
9 Flatts the Rapist
10 Spongebob Rick Rolls the Krusty Ass


The Contenders

11 Dying to Lie
12 Squidward Hates Crap Patties

"You don't like crap? HEY EVERYONE, TONIGHT, WE DIE IN HE-! "

13 Spongebob and Patrick sell poop
14 Skellington's Revenge

Hilarious crossover and 1 of the best YouTube poops ever, all hail mobrostudios

15 Squidward Gets Possesed by a Bad Lemon
16 Deliver Us

This YTP is one of the best I've ever seen.
I'm not even joking. - Rocko

17 Spingebill's Box Fantasy

I still laugh at Patrick saying in a distorted voice "Let's play Minecraft". - Rocko

18 Spingebill hosts an orgy
19 Spinge Binge: Me Millionth Dollar
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