Top 10 Weirdest SpongeBob Moments of All Time

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1 Squidward gets a "handsome" face, dances like a ballerina, and then bumps into a pole at the Krusty Krab

When this episode first came out I thought that moment was funny. Now it's weird..

That was funny. Do you know how many memes I saw of his handsome face?

He get's an even bigger attractive face and the crowd goes wild!

The "handsome" face is a very great and funny face.

2 Patrick flies naked with a flag that says "Spongebob" on his butt

Someone made an Allahuakbar compilation and the flag that Patrick had between his butt had Arabic words on it in.

Patrick x SpongeBob confirmed.
I got a nosebleed!

That was actually pretty funny.

That was actually funny

3 Squidward twerks in Spongebob's face
4 Spongebob and the others get the "face freeze"
5 Spongebob makes out with a chocolate bar

Why does anyone choose to do this? I do not care if they are animated

SpongeBob x chocolate bar forever!

6 Patrick says "I love you" to a stranger

One of the best episodes, of all time, that and the extra credit episode. "You only need three... more... WORDS! "

Best moment of all time.

7 Squidward gets his toenail ripped off from his couch

Oh yeah... I remember that episode.

Most violent part in the series.

Remember kids,

Be careful lifting up your couch or if you want to end up with a foot like Squidward's

8 Squidward twerks at Pearl's birthday party

Why should this be any different? Squidward twerks all the time!

Like...why is Squidward always twerking? It's funny yet really weird.

9 Patrick makes tiny Squidward make out with a pickle

Admit it. It was a little funny.

Right... When did this happen?

10 Spongebob falls in love with a Krabby Patty

Aw man, this was bizarre!

Yea that was really weird and he ate it when it was expired and rotting

I love that one

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11 Patchy drops ice cream on the ground
12 Spongebob makes that creepy Asian face

Even me as an Asian can't make that face... but it's creepy...

13 The ending of "I Had An Accident"
14 SpongeBob imagines a creepy girl

I laughed so hard when SpongeBob was all, "I don't know but she is UH-GLY!" XD. This is one of the best quotes from SpongeBob.

Yeah, she was so ugly that she caused me to vomit.

15 Plankton gets trapped in SpongeBob's dream

I think SpongeBob may have been smoking something...

16 Plankton attempts suicide

That is NOT funny. It also proves that Mr. Krabs in a terrible crab

17 Spongebob zaps Squidward with Mermaid Man's belt, making him do all kinds of weird things like getting cut in half with scissors or turning inside out

I don't remember this moment, but it certainly sounds GROSS!

Pretty weird but funny

18 Patrick and Spongebob adopt a shell and want to have another one
19 "Muscles on your muscles on your muscles"
20 Sandy's tail becomes a sumo wrestler arm
21 Man turns around and makes out with himself
22 Fish randomly transforms into a werewolf
23 "You're not going anywhere..... Without a ten second head start!"
24 Spongebob twerks

When SpongeBob twerks it's the most hilarious thing ever.

25 Doodlebob erases Spongebob's butt
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