Top 10 Worst Patrick Star Moments

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1 Trying to Burn Gary with a Flamethrower - Pet Sitter Pat

Pretty much everything he does to Gary in this episode is down right infuriating he even literally tries to murder Gary with a flamethrower.

This is just the worst episode of any show period

2 Destroying the Card Right in Front of SpongeBob From The Card

After spending a majority of the episode trying to keep Patrick from ruining the car after he aimlessly walks around in dangerous areas he gives Spongebob the card only to take the card back for on other reason than to destroy it all while Sponge Bob watches in horror after using it to open his rock, clean the grill, start a fire, flip burgers then serves the burgers on it until the card is all covered in cheese and stuff before giving it to Sponge Bob and it turns to dust leaving Sponge Bob in disbelief and just to add insult to injury he reveals he has the other 4 remaining rare cards meaning that he could have just given the card to Sponge Bob but chose to torment Sponge Bob by purposely ruining the card until its destroyed purely out of malice.

Patrick really can be a dick.

3 Ignoring Everything Sam Does to SpongeBob and Squidward and Yelling at Them for Complaining from Big Sister Sam

He clearly sees everything that Sam is doing and doesn't react and when Sponge Bob and Squidward get angry at what she does he snaps at them.

4 Selfishly Refusing to Give SpongeBob the Toy from Yours, Mine and Mine

Patrick, were you ever raised with REAL parents? Cause after this episode, I think your so called "real parents" are fake because you don't even know how to share! UGH!

5 Getting SpongeBob Stuck Even More in the Wringer from Stuck in the Wringer

His solution for trying to help Sponge Bob when he's stuck in the ringer is to use glue and get him even more stuck and from then on he literally does nothing to help Sponge Bob the crowd of people should have been angry at Patrick for being such an awful friend and not doing anything to help but because the writers in the episode thought it would be funnier to have the citizens of Bikini Bottom yell at Sponge Bob who the one in actual pain throughout this entire episode that doesn't happen here.

6 Destroying the Krusty Krab By After Throwing Mr. Krabs Money in the Compactor Causing it to Explode from Pat No Pay

Here's a little advice to Mr. Krabs why didn't he ask for the money up front before giving Patrick all those patties.

7 Admitting to SpongeBob that He's Stupidity is All an Act from The Card

He literally tells Sponge Bob that he can't expect his typical brand of stupidity he likes to mix it up keep him on his toes hinting that his stupidity for the most part is all an act.

8 He tortured Squidward to get his ingredient for his lemonade (Ink Lemonade)

Patrick is evil in this episode.

He Could Have Killed Squidward Doing This

9 Patrick and His Parents Openly Mocking and Laughing at SpongeBob from I'm with Stupid

Sponge Bob is the one doing Patrick the favor acting like an idiot so his parents will actually think he is smart and how does Patrick repay him by openly mocking and laughing at him truly thinking he is dumb and even when Sponge Bob tries to explain everything to Patrick's parents they think Patrick taught him to be smart and they all laugh at him in a very mean spirited way.

You know what they say: Stupid people are always blissfully unaware of how dumb they really are.

People like Patrick, for example.

10 Tries to kill Squidward (Ink Lemonade)
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11 He refuses to take out his trash and attacks SpongeBob and Squidward (Sanitation Insanity)
12 He tries to keep SpongeBob awake instead of helping him sleep (Insomiac)
13 Destroying Everything with His Karate Chop from Karate Star
14 Invented the Mad Snail Disease to Torture the Entire Town of Bikini Bottom

Why is everyone torturing Gary? First SpongeBob, next Krabs, and next, PATRICK.

15 Not Taking SpongeBob to the Doctor and Attempting to Heal Him Himself from Suds

Rather than taking Sponge Bob to the doctor so he can get the help he desperately needs Patrick impersonates a doctor and tries to heal him himself and ends up making everything worst Sandy even points out the he should be arrested for impersonating a doctor at least he gets his comeuppance in the end.

16 Being King (Rule of Dumb)
17 Refusing to Return Gary - Dumped

I feel this moment doesn't get enough recognition, Patrick is an absolute douchebag and he doesn't even care for SpongeBob's emotions. Even when SpongeBob completely breaks down asing for Gary to come home, he calls SpongeBob pathetic.

18 Making SpongeBob’s Splinter Worse (The Splinter)
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