HoldenFanatic’s Thoughts On Tentacle Vision

HoldenFanatic Hello comrades, this is HoldenFanatic here again. Today I decided to do another review. This one will be on Season 7, episode 14, Tentacle Vision. Since this post is on the list “Worst Spongebob Squarepants Episodes,” I think you’ll know I’ll say this episode is bad. If you wanna know why, for now, I’ll just tell you that this is another Squidward torture porn episode. Before we jump to conclusions, I’ll tell the plot as to why this episode is bad.

The episode starts with Squidward waking up in the morning to watch his favorite show, Fab And Fancy only to realize it’s been canceled and replaced by a new show, Zeus The Guitar Lord. He later finds out that anyone can have a show. Squidward wants to get his own show, so he calls the network so they can give him a show.

Meanwhile, at the Krusty Krab, Squidward is waiting excitedly to go home and start his show. Spongebob overhears Squidward talking and asks him why is he so jittery only for Squidward to plug Spongebob’s ears with Krabby Patties and leaves the Krusty Krab.

Squidward is at home preparing for his new show, Squidward Chat. When he is finally airing his show, Spongebob finds out and rushes to Squidward’s house and tells him he is on TV. Squidward then tells Spongebob he is on TV too. So Spongebob brings Patrick to Squidward’s house. When they start ruining his show, Squidward asks them to leave but they both refuse to do so. Squidward then has no choice but to let them stay, but he’ll give them jobs. Patrick is the cameraman while Spongebob holds the microphone. Unfortunately, they’re making his show worse. Patrick plays with the camera by rocking the camera back and forth. As a result, Squidward gets angry and ties Patrick to the camera. Then Spongebob constantly hits Squidward with microphone since it’s too heavy. As a result, he sticks the microphone on Spongebob’s head.

Things are finally resolved until Mr. Krabs finds out Squidward is on TV. So he uses this opportunity by going to Squidward’s house and uses his show to advertise to eat at the Krusty Krab. Then Sandy later finds out Squidward is on TV and decides to dance in Squidward’s show. Then Pearl finds out and starts cheerleading in Squidward’s show. The last person to find out Squidward is on TV is Plankton. He starts to use his gun to shoot everything in Squidward’s house including Mr. Krabs. Squidward is now sad that his show is ruined. He gets angry and tells everyone to leave. When he asks this:

“ What do you think this is, a house warming?”

Larry the lobster overhears this and tells everyone it’s a house warming and more people get in Squidward’s house. Then the Bikini Bottom Public Access arrives and says the show is going well but removes a few people from the show including Squidward.
Squidward’s Chat is renamed to Squidward’s House Party. Squidward however, is not in the show since he got removed. Instead, Zeus the Guitar Lord is hosting a party in Squidward’s house. The episode ends with Squidward not being able to sleep due to all the noise from the show.

Oh great, another Squidward torture porn episode. First off, the plot sucks. The idea at the beginning where Squidward starts a TV show was a good idea for this episode, but then the rest of the episode was just Squidward airing his TV show while other people just barge in and try take over his TV show. Second, not only is this a Squidward torture porn episode, but this is also, not only a Spongebob’s a Prick and a Patrick’s A Prick, but everybody weather it’s Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, The Bikini Bottom Public Access, Zeus The Guitar Lord, and everyone else (except poor Squidward) was a jerk. Seriously, what is with all these character torture episodes Spongebob is releasing these days such as A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, Stuck In The Wringer, Cephalopod Lodge, etc. Sure there were a-times where Squidward is the one who was at fault and deserved what he got such as in Professor Squidward and Sportz. But Squidward got tortured in this episode for no reason. Lastly, the ending. Instead of Squidward’s problem being resolved, the episode just ends with "Squidward Chat" being changed to "Squidward's House Party.” The other characters have successfully taken over Squidward’s show and turned into a party show without Squidward since he got kicked out of his own show. All I can say is, Squidward did not deserve any of this.

Rating: 4/10


Tentacle Vision is cancer. - visitor

It’s the 1st episode of season 7, not the 14th. - DrayTopTens

Yeah, I realized that mistake last year but forgot to fix it. - HoldenFanatic

I agree with your review. - FlareLightX