Top Ten Spongebozz Songs

Don't dismiss SpongeBozz because he wears that that Spongebob suit and that stage name. His original intent was to stay anonymous, but underneath all that is one of Germany's finest rappers, with an incredible ability of multisyllabic rhyming and dramatically built up tension, as well as being one of the fastest doubletime rappers alive.

The Top Ten

1 Adolf Gartner
2 Intro

Is not just an intro but a full length song. - Martin_Canine

3 Started From the Bottom
4 Now We Here
5 A.C.A.B.
6 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
7 Rolex O. Handschelle
8 Hasta la Vista!
9 Apocalyptic Infinty (Payback #forsundiego Version)
10 Kapitel 1

The Contenders

11 A.C.A.B. II
12 JFK
13 Pablo Escobar
14 Abadulla
15 Che Guevara Flow
16 Machinegunflows
17 JBB 2013 Spongebozz vs. Ahmed
18 Krabbenkoke
19 City of God
20 Killa
21 No cooperaciĆ³n con la policia
22 Planktonweed
23 Bikini Bottom Gangster
24 Vertrau Niemandem
25 Streetfighter
26 G.T.A. Bikini Bottom
27 Kleinkrimineller
28 Zeit Ist Geld
29 Drive by Shooting
30 Kampfansage
31 Jessica
32 Leben Und Tod Des Adolf Gartner
33 God of Battle
34 Naziboy (Gio Diss)
35 Spongebozz vs. Greeen

Eww, I just realized how weird his voice sounded back then. Also the beats were mediocre. Compare the listening sample to this early song to the sample of the 2017 track "Machinegunflows". Wow, what a progression. - Martin_Canine

36 Gio Diss [RMX]
37 Spongebozz vs. Gio Finale
38 Spongebozz vs. 4tune King Finale
39 Spongebozz vs. 4tune King Finale RR
40 Pussy (Winin Diss)
41 Halloween
42 La Familia
43 Bluff Millimet
44 Centurion Card
45 Yellow Bar Mitzvah
46 Rhythm is a Gangster
47 Wory W Sakone
48 Hype is Real
49 Moonrocks
50 Blow
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