Top 10 Spoofed Movie Moments

Moments and scenes that have been parodied in other movies, TV, other media.

The Top Ten

1 Bullet Dodge Scene - The Matrix

Almost everyone has parodied this moment the scene where Neo dodges the bullets while in slow motion also referred to as The Matrix Move. - egnomac

2 Horses Head in the Bed - The Godfather

The scene where a character is horrified to find a horse's head in their bed, a moment that has been parodied many times including Hey Arnold, The Loud House, Pepper Ann and even The Simpson's. - egnomac

3 The Shower Scene - Psycho
4 Here's Johnny - The Shining

Perhaps the most memorable parody of this scene comes from The Simpson's Tree house of horror segment intitled "The Shinning" Homer goes crazy and tries to murder the family and takes him 3 separate tries before getting to the right door. - egnomac

5 It's Alive - Frankenstein
6 Flying Bike - E.T. the Extraterrestrial
7 I Am Your Father - Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back
8 Riding the Bomb - Dr. Strangelove

Was spoofed in The Simpsons where Homer attempts to drop a bomb on some hippies but when the bomb gets stuck Homer jumps on it tull it finally drops while Homer Wooos in excitement all while waving his cowboy hat just like Kong in Dr. Strangelove. - egnomac

9 The Open Eyeballs Therapy Scene - A Clockwork Orange

The scene where Alex's eyes are wide open and force to watch a video the scene has been done many times on T.V. including none other than The Simpson's. - egnomac

10 You Talkin' to Me? - Taxi Driver

Everyone's familiar with Robert De Nero's line from Taxi Driver "You talking' to me? Its been parodied in T.V. shows, cartoons even WWE did an entire WrestleMania 21 trailer with The Superstars saying the line multiple times. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 T-rex chase - Jurassic Park
12 "Here's Looking at You, Kid" - Casablanca
13 Soaring Through Space While a Waltz is Playing - 2001: A Space Odyssey
14 Greeting Scene - Dracula (1931)
15 Singing in the Rain - Singing in the Rain
16 Trinity's Fight in the Opening Scene - The Matrix
17 Head Spin - The Exorcist
18 Vomit Scene - The Exorcist
19 Don Corleone's First Appearance on His Daughter's Wedding - The Godfather
20 Jaws theme - Jaws
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