Best Spor Songs

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1 Brickbeats

Distorted bass, fast drums, slamming bassline, what else could you ask for in a drum and bass tune?

2 Aztec

Hard-hitting drums with a deep bassline, overlayed by a nice electronic melody. What's not to like?

3 Powder Monkey

Spor at it again with his signature distorted bassline, thumping drums, and sick beat all crammed into one drum and bass track.

4 Supernova

Blew my mind. Incredibly fast track. You can feel the bass in your chest. Very well made.

5 Dreadnought

Classic neurofunk, with tight yet hard hitting drums, and a fast pace.

6 The Whisper

Starts off atmospheric and then breaks down into a mind-blowing classic jungle track. I wonder what loop he used?

7 Make Your Choice (Spor Remix)

Absolutely disgusting track! The dirty bassline makes me want to take a shower afterward.

8 Molehill

Electronic madness! I feel as if the world is being taken over by robots. Please send help.

9 Silver Spaceman

I love the bassline, really guiding the melody for this track. Drums seem kind of cookie-cutter, though.

10 103 Degrees

Not my favorite, but I can't help but dance when this song comes on.

The Contenders

11 Resolute

Sick song. Always liked

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