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1 Haikyuu!! or Kuroko No Basuke?

Haikyuu! Wins here for me. Better cast, non-superpower genre, realistic, light humored and overall better than Kuroko no Basuke in every aspect. Though Kuroko no Basuke is great too. - Kiteretsunu

Haikyuu. kuroko is too fake and stupid. I don't have any true emotions for this anime anymore

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2 Diamond no Ace or Major?

Well this one is tough. Diamond no Ace wins by a slight margin for me as I like the shounen genre more. - Kiteretsunu

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3 Kuroko no Basuke or Slam Dunk?

Slam Dunk. kuroko sucks. no emotions I feel when watching this anymore. especially the last match, that sucked, they just suddenly invented a new stupid move to beat the game

Kuroko no Basuke. Slam Dunk anime was left incomplete and I had better satisfaction watching Kuroko no Basuke. - Kiteretsunu

4 Baby Steps or Prince of Tennis?

Baby Steps by a huge margin. Why? Because it isn't about superpower, very realistic, excellent romance sub-plot, awesome main character, awesome cast and awesome music: both the BGM and the Opening and Ending songs. - Kiteretsunu

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5 Touch or Cross Game?

Cross game. I got a bit bored watching Touch at the initial stage. Cross game got me hooked throughout the entire series - Kiteretsunu

6 Chihayafuru or Hikaru no Go?

This one is really tough. And honestly I can't decide. Maybe Chihayafuru by a slight margin. - Kiteretsunu

7 Eyeshield 21 or Capeta?

Capeta hands down is the winner for me. Eyeshield 21 was a typical underdog based anime and I've seen plenty of those. Capeta was more inspirational and satisfactory. - Kiteretsunu

8 Yowamushi Pedal or Overdrive?

Yowamushi Pedal because firstly, it has an ending, and secondly, the plot does have a smooth progression except it really gets stretched at the later stages. For Overdrive, well let's say it's something that didn't have the ending it deserved. - Kiteretsunu

9 Intial D or One Outs?

One outs. Because except the first season, Initial D is just awful. - Kiteretsunu

I refuse to respect your opinion, the entire of initial d is amazing.

10 Ookiku Furikabutte or Ping Pong The Animation?

Honestly I can't choose. It's a tie for me. - Kiteretsunu

I pick Ping Pong The Animation. - EpicJake

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11 Haikyuu! or Free?

I honestly prefer Haikyuu!


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