Top 10 Sports Dynasties That Never Were

The Top Ten Sports Dynasties That Never Were

1 2012-2019 Oklahoma City Thunder

When the Thunder lost in the 2012 Finals to the Heat, we all thought it was only the beginning for them. "They'll definitely be back. Don't feel bad for them" we all said. Turns out that Finals loss was their peak. I would feel bad for them but this is the same franchise that screwed over a great basketball town in Seattle for no real good reason. They deserved this catastrophic failure. - phillysports

Three future MVPs, three trips to the conference finals, one trip to the NBA Finals. Yet, Oklahoma City was not able to bring a championship. The losses of Harden, Durant, and now Westbrook, have officially proclaimed them as a dynasty that never was. - BUETBU91

Sport dynasties that were never...? - Ananya

No the title is correct. These were teams that had great runs to become successful in sports that would make them a dynasty. But, people don't see them as that because they didn't either any titles or more than they should. - BUETBU91

3 future hall of farmers and a bunch of good role player and they still couldn't get it done. - 2storm

2 1990-1993 Buffalo Bills

I have always felt an enormous amount of sympathy for the Bills. They're a small market team that had four straight opportunities to achieve immortality but they came up short all four times. This was such a great team filled with very likable players. A real shame that they couldn't win the big one. - phillysports

The Buffalo Bills reached four Super Bowls in a row and lost each time. Even though they went 0-4, their resilience and ability to return and not quit has to be commended and respected. - BUETBU91

You kinda have to feel bad for them the fact that they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row is insane. They were a Norwood field goal away from winning one of the games. - Randomator

It's so funny to watch the expressions on the bills faces as Norwood misses the field goal

3 1995-2001 Cleveland Indians

Cleveland had two chances to win the World Series in the 90's. While 95 saw them lose to the Braves, they were unable to get by the Florida Marlins in 1997 after being three outs away from victory. To make matters worse, they Yankees dynasty came to life. - BUETBU91

Definitely no. 1. As good as Westbrook is he can't win no matter what if he is the leader. This team had the best all time single season percentage. And yet they STILL couldn't
. - GeneralJP

4 1992-1996 Orlando Magic

Shaq, Penny, and the rest of the Magic appeared ready to reach the level of dynasty talk for Orlando. But from 1994-1996, the Magic were eliminated by way of a sweep in the playoffs. The hardest loss was in 1995 when the defending champion Rockets swept them to repeat as champions. By the end of 1996, Shaq was a Laker and Penny's career would take a downhill turn. - BUETBU91

The breakup of this core could have easily been avoided if Orlando didn't blatantly disrespect Shaq and paid him what he deserved to be paid. - phillysports

They still would've needed a replacement for the broken down Penny Hardaway. - RobertWisdom

5 1995-2001 Seattle Mariners

Not to mention having (during that period but not the same time) Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, and Ichiro Suzuki. - GeneralJP

Similar to the Indians the Mariners won 113 games, loss 3-1 to the Yankees in the first round. - GeneralJP

The Mariners had the best player of the 1990's in Ken Griffey Jr. They reached to two ALCS series. Yet, they wouldn't play in the World Series. This would include a 2001 team that won 116 games and still lost in the playoffs. - BUETBU91

This is by far the number 1 they had 6 hall of famers that could have played together Johnson, Moyer, Martinez, AROD, Griffey and ichiro. no team like that has ever been assembled

6 1969-1978 Minnesota Vikings

Before the Buffalo Bills lost four Super Bowls, there were the Minnesota Vikings. In a ten-year span, they dominated the NFL competition with a fierce defensive line and incredible mobility from Fran Tarkenton. However, they fell in four Super Bowls. Perhaps it was because the weather was warmer when they appeared in each one. - BUETBU91

With all the talent and fantastic seasons that the Vikings have had over the years, they should definitely have at least a couple Super Bowls by now. The fact that they don't is mind boggling. They are probably the most successful sports franchise in North America that hasn't won a championship. - phillysports

Lost 4/4 of the Super Bowls they entered during that period. - GeneralJP

The Minnesota Vikings lost the opportunity to play the Super Bowl LII in their own stadium on 2018. Instead, Philadelphia Eagles won against New England Patriots.

7 1995-2000 Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers had the Legion of Doom line led by captain Eric Lindros during this period and had produced championship-caliber contenders in a span of six years. Yet, they managed one Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 1997 losing in four straight to the Red Wings. - BUETBU91

The duo of Lindros and LeClair was great but in 97, no one who came out of the East was beating the Red Wings. Detroit finally vanquished their Colorado foes and nothing was stopping them when they reached the Finals. We were unfortunately the ones that got in their way. - phillysports

8 1986-1989 Houston Rockets

The Rockets had upset the defending champion Lakers in 1986 to reach the NBA Finals. While they would lose to the dominant Celtics in six games, their future was bright, especially with the twin towers of Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson. But, injuries and drug-related suspensions ended all hopes of a title run in the next few seasons. It wouldn't be until 1994 when Houston finally won a title. - BUETBU91

9 2004-2006 Phoenix Suns

Go suns anyway - Zombieworldcomix

10 1907-1909 Detroit Tigers

The earliest on this list - BorisRule

Detroit made it to three straight World Series in the late 1900's decade. But each time, they failed to give Ty Cobb a championship losing twice to the Cubs and once to the Pirates. - BUETBU91

Ty Cobb, though... - GeneralJP

The Contenders

11 1996-1998 Utah Jazz
12 1990-1992 Pittsburgh Pirates

That loss to the Braves in 1992 caused the franchise to become arguably the worst team in the major leagues for the next two decades. - phillysports

Pittsburgh had three chances to reach the World Series in between 1990-1992. But they would lose each time in the NLCS. Twice, they played in a winner-take-all Game 7 and twice they lost, including a heartbreaking 1992 finish. - BUETBU91

13 1986-2011 Virginia Tech

Never was much above average and never ranked #1 in the polls - NBDFRAGGERS

14 2009-2018 Alabama Crimson Tide

They should've won every year but they lost to Clemson

15 2017-2018 Cleveland Cavaliers

This is just one season. Lol. - RobertWisdom

16 2012-2018 Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper? Who needs him? - Randomator

They potentially wasted a once in a generation talent in Bryce Harper. Good job Nationals - Randomator

17 2010-2012 Green Bay Packers

In a way, this team could have had an Aaron Rodgers dynasty with all the talent they had in this span. They actually had a modern offense and a great defense. Unfortunately, after Nick Collins’ injury, the defense was never the same. People started leaving and getting older, and the chances just fell apart. Oh, what it could have been. - PackFan2005

18 2015-2018 Oklahoma Sooners Football
19 2008-2013 Boston Celtics
20 2007 Colorado Rockies

They weren't a dynasty afterwards. That was a one-year deal. - BUETBU91

21 2010-2014 Oregon Ducks

Go Ducks anyways - snoopykat

22 2011-2014 Detroit Tigers

They had all the talent to get a World Series yet in their last two appearances in 2006/2012 they were a COMBINED 1-8 in the fall classic - Randomator

23 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers

This is one season. One season doesn't qualify as a dynasty. - RobertWisdom

24 1973-1977 Los Angeles Rams
25 2012-2016 Baltimore Orioles
26 2012-2018 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
27 2010-2019 Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

The Jayhawks could have been a dynasty in the 2010s especially with all the talent they have had but they either collapsed early on in the tournament or failed to get over the hump. They lost to Northern Iowa(2nd round),VCU (elite 8), Kentucky( National championship), Michigan (sweet 16) Stanford (second round) Wichita State (second round),Villanova(elite 8),Oregon (elite 8), Villanova (again) (Final Four) and Auburn (second round) you could make the argument for them to win the National Championship in at least 4 of those years - Randomator

28 2017-2018 UCF Knights Football
29 2015-2018 Ohio State Buckeyes Football
30 1989-2018 Kansas State Wildcats Football
31 2001-2018 Georgia Bulldogs Football
32 2008-2013 Vancouver Canucks

This was the period where the Canucks had the Sedin twins at their peak, a Luongo-Schneider platoon in the net, Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Alex Edler. The 2011 team may have been one of the best to ever skate, and they just couldn't win it in Game 7. This, and the choking in 2012 as well as 2013, kinda lead to the downfall period after that. At least the Canucks are going to be on the rise soon.

33 2004-2009 Detroit Pistons
34 2007-2012 Tampa Bay Rays
35 2006-2013 Detroit Tigers
36 1993-1996 Phoenix Suns
37 1976-1978 Kansas City Royals
38 1999-2002 St. Louis Rams
39 2014-2018 Cleveland Cavaliers
40 2011-2017 Los Angeles Clippers
41 1991-2005 Atlanta Braves
42 1988-1992 Oakland A's
43 1985-1991 Calgary Flames

Sure they won a Cup in 1989, however they were good enough to win many more. Had they not been in the same division as Edmonton or face them in the playoffs multiple times over, or even lose to Montreal in the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals, they could probably have two or three more Stanley Cup titles than they currently do.

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