Top 10 Best Sports Moments in 2017

2017 was perhaps one of the biggest years in sports history. From epic games to incredible performances, we got a lot of sports excitement in 2017.

The Top Ten

1 #HoustonStrong - J.J Watt and The Houston Astros Bring Joy to Houston After Harvey.

Watt's charity fund raised over $37 Million to the victims of Hurricane Harvey while the Astros would put together one of the greatest playoff runs ever winning their first World Series title in franchise history. - BUETBU91

2 Patriots Super Bowl Comeback over Falcons

Dank comeback. - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title with Kevin Durant
4 Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor
5 Clemson Football Beats Alabama
6 NFL Protests
7 Isaiah Thomas Scores 53 on His Late Sister's Birthday
8 Serena Williams Wins Australian Open While Pregnant
9 Mississippi State WBB Upsets UCONN
10 North Carolina Redemption

The Contenders

11 Toronto FC Wins First MLS Cup Against the Seattle Sounders
12 Aaron Judge Breaks Rookie HR Record
13 Real Madrid became the first ever team to successfully defend their title in the Champions League era
14 Feyenoord Winning the Dutch League After 18 Years of Drama

After 18 long years, with the 10-0 loss agains PSV as biggest humiliation, Feyenoord finally won the League again.

15 Fergie sings at Super Bowl LII
16 Houston Astros Win World Series

Already said that as #1 whoever put that out there - BUETBU91

17 The Penguins win their second straight Stanley Cup
18 Matthew Stafford's Record-Breaking 8 Comeback Wins
19 The Minneapolis Miracle

I know this was 2018, but it was in the 2017 season

Still doesn't count its like having Stafford's comeback wins which really doesn't count since most of that was from 2016 more than anything. - htoutlaws2012

20 Martin Truex Jr. wins NASCAR Cup Series Championship
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