Top Ten Sports/Motorsports that Deserve More Respect

The Top Ten Sports/Motorsports that Deserve More Respect


All the going in a circle jokes and redneck stereotypes. - RustyNail

2 Golf

Oh its boring. Oh only old people play it, oh its to long. Its entertaining guys, peaceful and cool. I personally like mini golf when it comes to playing but that's just me - RustyNail

3 Monster Truck Racing

Its an adrenaline rush guys. If you think it's a bunch of rednecks in big trucks, you'd be wrong. I've been to MANY monster jam/truck events since I was a kid and I promise you, its mostly suburbanites and city people who go to them. Live it live I tell everyone. If you want to go to the best monster truck show on earth. Go to the monster jam world finals. - RustyNail

4 Soccer

In North America. Because it's respected everywhere except in North America - Metal_Treasure

5 Tennis
6 Hockey

Not just Canadians watch this you know - RustyNail

7 Professional bull riding
8 Volleyball

Have. You seen the olympics volleyball... Its insane - RustyNail

it's cool. - Metal_Treasure

9 Motorcross
10 Tractor/truck pulls
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