Top Ten Sports Teams Who Deserved to Win the Championship But Didn't

The Top Ten

1 2015-16 Clemson Tigers Football

A legend was born... - Maddox121

2 2004-05 Philadelphia Eagles

my team

3 2014-15 Tampa Bay Lightning
4 2003-04 Carolina Panthers
5 2014-15 Seattle Seahawks

Well they rightfully would have if they were smart and chose to run it instead of passing it. It literally reminds me of a situation in a cartoon where the bad guy has a chance to succeed but makes a dumb mistake in the end and fails - Randomator

One of the craziest endings I've ever seen. Seattle completely screwed that game up with a poorly thought-out play, and then try to pick a fight because of their mistake. Not saying that I don't like Seattle but they were some seriously immature pricks - Mcgillacuddy

6 2008 Tampa Bay Rays
7 2000 New York Mets

They lost to Darth Vader Frankensteinbrenner's vile henchmen (aka the New York Bankee$), for crying out loud!

Who likes The Mets over The yankees? That's like Clippers over Lakers. Lol - RobertWisdom

8 2011 Texas Rangers
9 2008-09 Orlando Magic
10 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Contenders

11 2007 Colorado Rockies

Lol. No they shouldn't have won that. They were way outmatched and shouldn't have even been in The World Series. - RobertWisdom

They deserved to be there. But they had too much rest entering the series. - BUETBU91

12 2017 Atlanta Falcons

How do you blow a 25 point lead in overtime - Randomator

2016, actually - Aha223

13 2014-15 KC Royals

We won it all in 2015 but yeah we should’ve won it in 2014. - Randomator

14 2018-19 New Orleans Saints

Saints would’ve destroyed New England if the refs didn't screw them over. Change My Mind
#NFLRefsSuck - Randomator

15 2011 Vancouver Canucks
16 1997-98 Utah Jazz

How? The Bulls were better. - RobertWisdom

17 1991 Buffalo Bills
18 2015 Carolina Panthers
19 2013 Boston Bruins
20 2008-09 Arizona Cardinals

If the defense didn't screw up against the steelers - Alxg_mez

21 2009-10 Philadelphia Flyers
22 2009-2010 Boston Celtics

Screwed by the refs - RobertWisdom

23 2001-02 Sacramento Kings
24 2007 New England Patriots

Don't forget that the 1972 Dolphins failed to reach 18-0 let alone 19-0.

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