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1 World Cup

Champions du monde

Truly the best in the world vs. the best in the world, playing the most popular game in the world. The winner is a WORLD CHAMPION unlike the supposed "World Champions" of the NFL and MLB.

Way, way, way more exiting than the Olympics. Are you kidding me? The Olympics are awesome, but The World Cup is better.

Multi-sports in olympics, so? Most fans only pay attention in at most 2 sports and simply ignore the others

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2 Olympics

I find the olympics to always be really exciting although I do prefer the summer games to the winter ones both are very entertaining. - AJG1314

You're representing your country just like the World Cup, but this is multiple sports and that's why it is better than the World Cup.

3 NHL Playoffs

OK maybe I'm a little biased but it doesn't get much better than game 7 overtime. - AJG1314

4 NCAA March Madness

Maybe I mostly enjoy it for the bracket pools, but the games are still very well played and exciting till the end. - AJG1314

5 World Baseball Classic (WBC)
6 NFL Playoffs

Although there are some games that are duds the Superbowl is consistently fun to watch - AJG1314

7 MLB Playoffs
8 Wimbledon
9 NBA Playoffs
10 ICC Champions Trophy (Cricket)

Plays only champions teams!

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11 The Masters
12 UEFA Champions League

Come on.Second best

13 US Open (Tennis)
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