Top Ten Sports Trading Card Brands

Who is the true sports card king?

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The Top Ten Sports Trading Card Brands

1 Topps

Obviously the biggest sports card company in the world, other then Upper Deck - SonicAdam

Topps bowman is the best to me - Sabbath

2 Fleer

Underrated card company that sadly went bankrupt in 2005. - SonicAdam

3 Upper Deck

One of the giant sports card companies. - SonicAdam

4 In The Game
5 Panini
6 Tristar

Great producers of items that aren't cards, either. - SonicAdam

7 Leaf
8 O-Pee-Chee

Excellent producer of hockey cards. - SonicAdam

9 Donruss
10 Pinnacle

Great baseball card maker. - SonicAdam

The Contenders

11 Score
12 Bowman

Bowman is a great brand

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