Top 10 Best Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboarding has always been about pushing boundaries. From the early days of cruising pools to the megastunts of today, skaters have constantly amazed us with new ways to defy gravity on a simple board and wheels. But what are the actual best skateboard tricks?

That's been debated in skateparks and parking lots since forever. Was the 900 the revolution of skating, or was the darkslide the greatest technical trick of all time? Did the kickflip change everything, or are we still blown away decades later by perfectly executed ollies?
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1 Darkslide

One of the coolest street tricks. No one does these, so they must be really hard. Pros don't have to care about messing up decks, but they still don't do them. Ever seen one in a comp?

Darkslides are super hard to pull off. It takes a lot of time and practice to do this trick, so if you can do it, you're an awesome skater!

It would be hard to do because the board would scrape on the rail.

2 Impossible
3 Kickflip Backside Tailslide

This is honestly the best and most cool-looking trick in skateboarding history.

It's a combination of a backside flip during the whole slide, so it's the best.

4 Wallride

Just something about it, you're riding on a wall!

5 Rocket Air
6 Hippy Jump
7 360 Flip (also known as Tre Flip)

It is not the most difficult trick, but in my opinion, it is the most beautiful one. And not only that. The reason why a 360 kickflip is so important is because learning Tre Flips determines whether you are a beginner or an intermediate skater.

Tre Flips involve 360 spins in two different axes of the board. They require a lot of precision and technique, but if you do it properly, it is so beautiful to watch the board doing the rotations below your legs. Watch on YouTube the 360 flip slow motion video from Skatology and enjoy it. So nice, high, and steezy.

8 Nose Slide
9 Boardslide

I can boardslide. It's one of the first slides/grinds that skaters learn. It's easy but looks cool. You don't really have to balance left and right, but you have to balance so you don't fall forward or slip out backwards.

10 900
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11 Laser Flip

Took me a while to learn this trick, but it feels amazing to land and looks really cool.

12 Nollie 720 Gazelle Flip

This trick is insane. Just go on YouTube and watch videos of it being done.

The science behind it is incredible!

13 Ollie

It looks cool and impresses a lot of people. Absolutely love it.

14 Twisted Flip
15 Kickflip

Skateboarding isn't about how many times you can flip your board in one jump. It's about how clean you catch it. This or heelflip should be number 1 without a doubt.

16 Pressure Flip
17 Hardflip

It's not even a kickflip and a frontside shove. It's a unique trick of its own kind.

18 Fakie to Switch 5-0 Grind
19 Superdude
20 Ghetto Bird
21 Pop Shuvit
22 Dragon Flip
23 Flamingo
24 Heelflip
25 360 Hardflip
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