Best Sports Talk Radio Hosts

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1 Richard Neer

His delivery is so smooth like just sitting at home talking sports with your buddy.

Intelligent. Rational. A pleasure to listen on my Saturday morning commute.

2 Jody McDonald

Loved his Jody Mac do me a favor bit. Talks to callers and does not berate them.

He is so knowledgeably yet he'll never berate his callers because they aren't

3 Digital Dave D

These two offer the most entertaining sports show of today. It's never boring and other shows are constantly are ripping them off. They have shown how sports talk can be entertaining and not boring.

STONE of Stone & Digital Dave has to be the best on radio!

He is funny and witty

4 Joe Benigno

Success has gone a bit to his head. He is starting to disrespect callers and guests. The old Joe was so much better.

Very knowledgeable about sports...WOW.
Man this guy can go back into the history banks.

It seems now that he is doing afternoon drive time he no longer respects the common listener,

Simple good simple sports talk without the flashy guests and egos

5 Tony Kornheiser

He seems like he is better on T.V..

6 Stone

Does not pull punches. Will not kiss up to anybody. Always seem to get the great guest though. It was so funny when he had The actor Will Smith on talking sports.

Hime and Digital Dave make the best sports duo in America when they talk sports. I was hoping ESPN would sign then so we could hear then Nationally.

Anytime Howard Stern does a long conversation bashing on Stone & Digital Dave you know they are at the top of his game.

Alone with his radio buddy on the Stone & Digital Dave Radio Show these guys are two cutting edge for ESPN.

7 Chris Russo "the Maddog"

Take awake Mike Francesa from Chris Russo and you have dull boring radio. I subscribed to Sirius for him and I canceled it because of him. His whole station that he has programmed stinks.

I guess you have not heard this guy lately. He has become a fat cat dull listen. Does not seem like he prepares for his show anymore.

8 Mike Francesa

Great in his peak on the decline.

9 Freddie Coleman
10 Steve Somers
The Contenders
11 JT the Brick
12 Sid Rosenberg

Totally Barf! This clown should not be near a radio let alone on one.

13 Scott Van Pelt
14 Stephen A. Smith

Tell it like it is. Mixes current events with sports and how it relates to one another.

15 Craig Carton

I am so glad he is off the air.

Greatest of all time

16 Boomer Esiason
17 Evan Roberts

He knows sports to but a bit of a hot head toward callers.

Great on the fan

18 Kim Jones

A very sexy voice and to top it all off she knows more sports than most guys.

She is great on the NFL network.

19 Ryan Stewart
20 Ike Reese
21 Jim Rome
22 Elvis Duran
23 David James
24 Mike & Mike
25 Gunnar Nu Hansen
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