Best Spose Songs

List of the top ten songs by Wells, Maine rapper "Spose"

The Top Ten

1 Drugs Girls Money Liquor

That's what it's all about!

2 Gee Willikers

Even though most of Spose's songs depict the struggles of the less fortunate, this rap is a fun mix of satire and pun that lift everyone's spirits.

3 God Damn
4 Livin' Alive
5 03 Altima

A song all people can relate to, 03 Altima tells the struggles of the rapper himself, and emphasizes the fact that money is not everything.

6 I'm Awesome
7 Can't Get There From Here
8 Blow My Candle Out

Acknowledging the fact he has done wrong in his life, Spose asks for a second chance to make up for his sins. Beatifully made and delivered.

9 King of Maine

While managing to maintain the vibe that Spose truly is the best rapper in the business, this song also makes fun of other rappers and the music they make.

10 Jimmy!

Although bullied as a boy, Jimmy grows to greatness and defeats his childhood tormentor. This song is deep and moving, along with artfully written and delivered.

The Contenders

11 Smiley Face

By far the saddest song that I've heard in awhile.

12 I'm Done
13 Knocking On Wood

The moral of this song is to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.

14 John Madden
15 Sketchball
16 In Your Dreams

Spose faced many hardships in his journey to fame, from horrible bosses to minimal wage jobs. He skillfully relates his story within this song.

17 Living Alive

This bonus track off of The Peter Sparker Mixtape tells a deep story of renewal and second chances.

18 Never Be Alone

As long as he has fans who care, Spose will never be alone. This song is one of his most meaningful raps, incorporating all fields of his talents.

19 Pop Song

While Spose was signed to Universal Republic Records, they tried to push him to make more "popy" songs. This is a parody of what they tried to get him to do. He later dropped the label, realizing he could do better on his own.

20 Jaguars
21 Why Am I So Happy?
22 The People's Douche
23 Nobody
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