Top 10 Best Sprixie Princesses

These are my favorite Sprixie Princesses from favorite to least favorite. The Sprixie Princesses are from Super Mario 3D World.
Note: Some of these are fan-made, so you can google them to find out more.

The Top Ten

1 Red Sprixie Princess

This one is my favorite because she is so pretty and cute! I love her hair! - MasekM24

2 Yellow Sprixie Princess

Her hair is pretty cute too! - MasekM24

3 Blue Sprixie Princess

Don't blame me for this! She just seems like the toughest to me. - MasekM24

4 Green Sprixie Princess

She is the leader (That's what I think), so that's why I like her. - MasekM24

5 Cyan Sprixie Princess

Her world is so pretty! - MasekM24

6 Pink Sprixie Princess Pink Sprixie Princess

This one is a fan creation, so you may not be familiar with her. But I think her hair is ADORABLE! - MasekM24

7 Orange Sprixie Princess

She seems so happy, like me! - MasekM24

8 Purple Sprixie Princess

My favorite color is purple, so I like her too. - MasekM24

9 Black Sprixie Princess

Another fan creation. I think she seems really tough, like the Blue Sprixie. - MasekM24

10 White Sprixie Princess

Again, another fan creation. This one seems really calm. - MasekM24

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