Best SQL Server Auditing Tools

Do you know what is going is happening on your SQL Server. Auditing tool will help you track key features including tracking security changes, tracking data changes and alert you whenever somethings unplanned happens. Analyse auditing reports and receive early warnings.

The Top Ten

1 ApexSQL Audit

Good for tracking changes

Simple SQL Server auditing tool with 30 built-in reports to help DBA's meet SQL Server audit compliance requirements.

Advanced SQL tool. Not for beginners

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2 SQL Compliance Manager

Low impact - tamper proof granular auditing with email and event log alerting.

Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server user activity and data changes

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3 SQL Audit

T-SQL Script Generator for SQL Server 2000/2005 to Allow Auditing on Database Tables using Triggers and Additional tables for Auditing

4 ChangeAuditor for SQL Server

Track, Audit, Report and Alert on Changes to SQL Server

Very Frendly

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5 Netwrix Auditor

Audit all of your most critical systems.

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6 SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring Visit Website9
7 LepideAuditor for SQL Server

This Software allows to audit all SQL servers within the complete network using a centralized platform and audit particular user activities and operations as per requirement. - allen_rich

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