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Employee feedback collection & company culture creation.... and retain employees with its performance management and feedback tool.

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Great Company! - superyacht

Our engagement apps allow companies to link with customers/staff via mobile apps, and vica versa.
With over 60% of customers claiming to feel good about a company and themselves if a problem is solved or question answered without talking to a customer service agent. it is clear consumers need alternative methods of contact. - llarrywatson25

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Your managers and HR team can organize 360-degree feedback for individuals (or any group of people) within minutes. A simple user interface minimizes workload for everyone. Feedback now becomes consistent and contextual. - llarrywatson25

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Making impactful decisions requires the right information. That’s why, from rock star start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, employee insights are powered by Culture Amp. - llarrywatson25

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We care deeply about forging stronger relationships between employers and employees. As the world’s leading employee engagement insights solution, Emplify provides companies with a new way to invest in their culture with confidence. - llarrywatson25


We’re a company that is out to make history. Our team of designers, developers, thinkers and advisors have helped shape 15 Five into a leading company. Together we cultivate a strong culture with a vision to create the space for people to be their greatest selves. - llarrywatson25


Create a feedback culture with the online and mobile feedback application. Appeal to the increasingly younger workforce that appreciates instant feedback from co-workers. - llarrywatson25


GetApp is the leading premium business app discovery platform on the web. The site focuses on profiling established business apps �" mostly software as a service (SaaS) �" targeting an audience of small and medium-sized businesses and business buyers from enterprise departments. - llarrywatson25


The SHRM Employee Handbook Builder (EHB) takes the work out of creating and maintaining an employee reference manual, and offers both digital and printer-friendly access to the output. With state-specific filters and customizable fields offering pre-populated staff policies and procedures, the platform’s drag and drop, step-by- step interface is simple to use. - llarrywatson25

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TINYpulse makes employee engagement solutions for over 1,000 businesses, including Michelin, EMC, Stitch Fix, and Capital One. TINYpulse Engage offers leaders a way to take the pulse of their workforce by helping them collect unvarnished feedback from employees. TINYpulse Perform is a performance management tool that helps leaders facilitate 1:1 meetings to improve employee performance and achieve company goals. - llarrywatson25

13 Waggl

We are a passionate team with extensive expertise in HR Technology, Saas Product Engineering, Coaching, and Performance Development Solution Implementation for Fortune 500 companies and Governmental organizations, with a world-class team of Designers and Software Engineers. Waggl began its journey over a decade ago, within a globally recognized HR technology company called Fort Hill Company and quickly emerged as its own entity. - llarrywatson25

16 Weekly10
17 Friday Feedback
18 Trakstar
19 Soft Intelligence
20 Impraise
21 Getapp
22 Tinypulse
23 Zonkafeedback
24 Apptamin
25 Feedbackapp
26 Cultureamp
27 Gethyphen
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