Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions Parents Have About Teens

Parents misunderstand many things. Which one do you think is most valid? Please vote and comment!!
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1 Teen rebellion is solely due to hormonal changes.

Though hormones play a role, many complex things happen in a teen's life.

2 Teens are too young to fall in love.

No we're not! Teens can fall in love!

3 Teens are lazy.

Teens aren't exactly lazy, they are just tired because they are growing.

4 Teens don't care what adults think.
5 Teens have bad attitudes.

I pretty sure we all had a bad Attitude at some point, but we never realise that we are talking in a bad attitude until we are called out about it.

Even though many have bad attitudes, not all.

6 Teens are self-centered and selfish.

For real I'm broke and have little money IM 17 and my mom was expecting a expensive mothers day gift from me and They say I'm the selfish one And they grounded me for it.And they are still calling me selfish.

7 Teens don’t understand anything.
8 Teens are irresponsible.
9 Teens are mean.
10 Teenagers is a clearly defined group.
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11 Teens and adolescents are the same thing
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