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1 Tribal Stage

I have played this one the most, and I am best at this stage, so I think Tribal Stage is the best!

Garbage stage, which is the worst real-life strategy stage, which goal to destroy or ally with miserable AI-controlled creatures, which you can't go with them to attack a other tribes, but they only bring you a basket of 10 food, non sense, which is has a the horrible camera, as the tribal creator is a mess, which you equip for boost or decorating, which is also cheating to ally which you scroll to home and edit your tribal to more boost-up for killing or allying with different creatures or tribalmen whatever, and also, you can't even edit your creature (editing mouth and limbs etc)! When you edited your creature and ready to go to tribal, you'll stuck with your crappy creature, and you have only choice to back to Creature stage and design your creature then and getting wild creature as companion to... make then to the fence behind to make eggs to the trough, which you can earn food instead killing the wild animals or collecting fruits around the map and cutscene after creature stage ...more

It's really fun! I love collecting food and fighting other tribes, getting pets. - SammySpore

2 Creature Stage

It’s the funniest stage to play and create in, more adventure like than the others.

3 Civilization Stage

Someone should make a multiplayer version of this game.

4 Space Stage

It's sure fun at beginning but it gets worse when you continue, all same quests, you can't leave ship and this is just a mess.

Endless... I've almost beat the grox! But listen: don't delete a creature that's on a wildlife sanctuary if you ever want to go back to that planet. if you delete a creature on it, whenever you try to go back to it, the game crashes 100% of the time

5 Cell Stage

Quadruple length is too short. It should also be split into two stages, cell stage (actual cells) and organism stage (what the cell stage currently is) I would say that cell: 5 levels and organism: 35 levels

Maxis should have made this longer I can do it in about 10 minutes.

This stage, Iike others has lots of potential, but this stage had a great play style, but it gets repetitive, and hopefully the modding community as well as allowing randomization of cells, can also allow for quadruple the length

6 Aquatic Stage (Mod)

I like water animals.

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1. Tribal Stage
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1. Civilization Stage
2. Tribal Stage
3. Creature Stage


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