Best Stamina Beyblade

So i made this list subjective- meaning i would allow vites how ever this is an actual fact of the best beyblades in stamina once you tke mathe and aerodynamics into account( center of balance and weight too.

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1 Scythe Death Horogium 145 WD

I timed it with stop watch on my iPad and it stoped spinning at
8min and 36 sec

Nice brother

This is my best beyblade, but not my best at stamina/lasting a long time. however it lasts for about 4-5 minutes and tall beyblades are no competition! It lasts for about 3-4 minutes after it has beaten the opponents beyblade,I tested it against hell kerbecs and iyt beat it in like 15 seconds, then I let it continue to spin and I ripped diablo nemesis and once agian it beat him in like 20-ISH seconds. best bey by far. - anders4o

2 MF (Metal Face) Kerbecs V145 RS

The RS(rubber sharp) keeps this bey from moving to much and so it wu=il not even budge when an opposing bey collides with it because of its heavy weight and the RS(rubber sharp) tip, really really really good beyblade and it happens to be my second best, I've worked on it for months tring to perfect it and I finally have. looks kinda nice too! PS: also sins for about 3-4 minutes. - anders4o

3 MF (Metal Face) Flame Leone Df145 WD

I finally figured out the longest spinning bey, its is called flame leone DF145 WD, you se because the "df145" track is treading downwards the air gets pushed upward onto the under side of the flame wheel, also the flame wheel is pretty thin and wide therefore making it really aerodynamic, also because of how symmetrical the leone wheel is and how smooth it is it is also aerodynamic, metal face is recommended because INFACT the heavier the beyblade the longer it lasts it actually true.also due too its somewhat skinniness its center of balance is pushed upwards making the hell(the contact part) where the balance lies meaning, it will not wobble;pins for 8:13 Sec without rev-up launcher! - anders4o

4 MF (Metal Face) Scythe Sagittario Bb118

I actually got this combo from another user on this site and he was actually correct, it lasted 7:04 minutes and lasted 2:11 seconds after beating twisted tempo (basalt horogium), it is actually really good, and I would definitely recommend it. - anders4o

5 Flame Cancer 145 WD

Lasts pretty long, around 5-6 minutes and is very wide, takes the shape of a tornado which makes it spin really,really fast, and it also stays balanced pretty well, it never really starts to wobble. beats all my friends/neighbor's beyblades and the pieces are very common, is definitely a must-have beyblade. - anders4o

6 Flame Virgo Df145 JB

Surprisingly a really good attacker and lasts practically forever, the JB(jog ball) is because of the miniature balls on the tip it rubs against the stadium and causes the beyblade to vibrate, and so its doing like mini-jumps so it doesn't touch the ground as much, the DF145 is for it to be much more aerodynamic,the flame wheel because it is the most aerodynamic wheel out there, and it really synergizes together. - anders4o

7 Hell Anubis 145 SD

By far the best attacker on this list, knocks like 9/10 beyblades out of the arena, lasts like 5-7 minutes too depending on how good you launch it, I'm a big fan of the SD tip, it really does keep the bey from wobbling, and it also lasts FOREVER! - anders4o

8 Twisted Eagle Ad145 WD

So I kinda had to put this bey in here it was also on a similar list and I kind of agreed with it, so the only bad- -thing about this is that the AD145 track is a little too high other wise it rocks, literally. spins for like 5 minutes strait without a rev-launcher, and so that really raps up my list, thinks for your time and patiance and please vote and comment, its for the better! : ) - anders4o

9 Burn Eagle T125 as (Around Sharp)

This is a very light beyblade combo however it has beaten my basalt horogium 5-0 and my hell kerbecs
4-1 and even my diablo nemisis 4-1, ETC, it's so lightthat even when it gets tossed around aln=most no damage is dealt to it, therefore making it a really good stamina combo to try. - anders4o

10 MF (Metal Face) Rock Horogium Wd145 DS

It's a really good combo, the other beys rarely touch it because of the rock wheel, its phenomenal however you could substitute the DS with a WD(wide defense) tip, or a WB(wide ball) tip, or maybe even a SD(semi defense) tip, its your bey! really good though he usually knocks the other beys out of the arena.
PS: also lasts for about 4 minutes ish, most of the other beyblades it versus loses in like 15-seconds. - anders4o

The Contenders

11 Raging Roktavor

Won couple tournaments in the show. - bbzlazer

12 Dark Sagittario 230WD

Low recoil nice defense, there

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